You know I love to find an abandoned road. While researching State Road 67 from Indianapolis to Muncie, I saw this on Google Maps on the north side of Pendleton. SR 67 is on the right, labeled Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd. Just check out how narrow that abandoned strip is compared to the modern highway!

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Here it is, southbound, on the ground. This is a concrete road, probably constructed in the late 1920s. I say that because Indiana built a lot of similar-looking concrete highways in that era, based on my past research.

Original SR 67 in Pendleton

Construction of current SR 67 here eliminated a steep hill. It also made a safer intersection with Pendleton Avenue, the main street through town. Where the two roads used to meet as a fork, now you have to turn right at the end of Pendleton Avenue to meet SR 67 at a T intersection.

Original SR 67 in Pendleton

It’s easy to see from the end of this concrete strip that SR 67 used to flow directly to where I was standing.

Original SR 67 in Pendleton

Turning around, here’s this strip northbound. Pendleton Avenue is on the left, and you can see where you now turn right to reach SR 67. My car is beyond that bisecting road on the path of the old alignment.

Original SR 67 in Pendleton

You can see that more clearly here. Just ahead of my car is where Pendleton Avenue and SR 67 used to meet.

Original SR 67 in Pendleton

Finally, here’s the spot where these two roads used to come together.

Original path of SR 67, Pendleton

Today, the road on the right above carries not only SR 67, but also SR 38 and SR 9.

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5 responses to “Abandoned concrete alignment of State Road 67 in Pendleton, Indiana”

  1. Jim Grey Avatar

    The state probably still owns this land!

  2. Dale Mercer Avatar
    Dale Mercer

    There is part of old 67 east of the car wash where 67 and water street meet. Also highway 36 did meet 67 where water street meet 67 now. 36 went from end of water street east to fall creek then turned south to where 36 is now

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I just looked it up – there it is! I can see that they made a curve less severe at some point. When I find some time I’ll look up historic aerials to see if I can narrow down when this improvement was made.

  3. Linda Shull Avatar
    Linda Shull

    Back in the early 50’s Van Hook’s lived in a trailer on that property. this was their drive to their home.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Oh neat. I wonder who owns the property now.

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