PDFs of my books temporarily available

If you’ve ever bought one of my books, you might have noticed that the publisher is “Midnight Star Press.” There’s no actual company with that name; it’s just a vanity imprint that I came up with. I named it after a dog we had when I was a kid, a black Labrador retriever named Missy.

Missy was from hunting stock, not pet stock. That’s what Mom always said, anyway; I don’t know anything about stocks. We got her from a breeder with AKC-registered dogs, so we registered Missy with the AKC as well. I came upon her registration certificate recently. Missy’s AKC name was Miss Midnight Star.

Speaking of my books, several people have told me they wished for a lower-cost way to buy them. Several other people wished for electronic versions of my books as they don’t want to own more stuff.

I thought I had solved this problem using a service Dropbox started offering called Dropbox Shop. My shop is up, and you can buy my PDFs — most of them cost just $4. Trouble is, this was a Beta program, and Dropbox decided to kill the project. So sometime in May this storefront will go away. But for now, you can buy my books made of 100% recycled electrons! Click this button to see them:

If you like dead trees and seeing book spines on a shelf, you can always buy the printed versions! My vanity imprint has its own Web site where you can find out how to buy my books. Click here to see it.

I’ll figure out some other way to make my PDFs available for sale that isn’t so temporary. Stay tuned!

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2 responses to “PDFs of my books temporarily available”

  1. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    BTW, I love a good dog and a good dog story…

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Missy was a good dog. Sadly she was epileptic, and as she got older it got worse and seriously degraded the quality of her life. We had to have her put down when she was only 9.

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