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Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Color SX-70 Film, 2020

💻 The Vintage Everyday blog shares some photographs from the seminal Polaroid SX-70 instant camera, from before the camera was available to the public. The signature softness, both in sharpness and in colors, is there in spades. What makes these special is the eye of Co Rentmeester, who was a photographer for LIFE magazine. Read Early Polaroid Photos Using Polaroid SX-70 Camera by LIFE Photographer Co Rentmeester, 1972

💻 It’s natural to want to be helpful to people in our lives. But it’s easy for support or assistance to flip over into pushing our help onto someone who may not want it. Johanna Rothman offers a useful model to help you know when you may be crossing that line. Read When Do You Assist, Support, or Inflict Help

📷 Mike Connealy shares an essay he wrote some time ago for his defunct Web site about pinhole photography — its merits and limitations. Read Why Pinhole?

📷 Shawn Granton took a long, bumpy road to owning a working Olympus XA, but he finally got there. Read Introducing the Olympus XA into my camera stable

📷 Miranda made some wonderful 35mm SLRs, as well as terrific lenses. Theo Panagopoulos found a Miranda Automex III recently in good working order, and put it through its paces. Read Miranda Automex III – Auto grille

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    Happy Saturday, Jim! Thank you for the shout-out.

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      My pleasure!

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