Vinyl Village is on sale

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Amazon has discounted my book, Vinyl Village. Its list price is $9.99, but right now you can get a copy for just $7.27. Click here to get a copy.

Vinyl Village is a look at the suburban subdivision I live in. All looks lovely as you drive its cheerful streets, but it doesn’t take long to notice the high-voltage power lines running through and hear the nearby Interstate highway. And then you notice how cheaply built these houses are.

This book was my first long-form photo essay. You can get a copy here.


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  1. Chris Douglas Avatar

    So after reading this post I ordered your book. It came last week, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! You’ve taken the ordinary and made the viewer look deeper and see the banality of the modern American suburb. I actually had to stop several times looking through the book, thinking, “He’s already used that photo.” I’d go back and you hadn’t. It’s just that everything is the same!

    Thanks for producing this book. It has me thinking I need to look at my own neighborhood more closely.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I am so pleased that you enjoyed my book! I really was trying to show how banal a typical suburban neighborhood is. I was trying not to judge the banality too harshly — after all, neighborhoods like these are aspirational for many, for a whole bunch of good reasons.

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