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💻 You’ve probably heard of singer Peggy Lee, but you might not know about her guitarist husband Dave Barbour. Together, they wrote some of Peggy’s best-known songs. J. P. Cavanaugh has the story, and shares some wonderful videos of the pair performing some of these songs. Read Peggy Lee & Dave Barbour, A Happy Couple Making Beautiful Music Together. Literally.

Fire Station 32
Kodak Brownie Starmatic, Kodak Portra 160, 2012

💻 The Vintage Everyday blog shares a 1911 photograph taken from a rowboat overlooking the sailing ship Arden Craig as it was sinking. It’s a striking photograph with a great story. Read The Wreck of the Arden Craig, St Agnes, Isles of Scilly, 1911

💻 AI tools like ChatGPT are now able to write intelligible text on pretty much any topic you ask of it. We’re not too far off from AI being able to do many basic writing tasks for us — including high-school essays. Seth Godin calls this a good thing, because the high-school essay actually blocks real learning anyway. Read The end of the high school essay

📷 Three times a year — on 12/7, 1/27, and 7/12 (because it’s 1/27 in European date notation) — we celebrate cameras that take 127 film by putting a roll through one. People use all sorts of cameras and all sorts of films — expired old stock and fresh custom-cut stock. J. M. Golding leads this charge, and shares on his blog the results from each 127 Day. The results from last December 7th are in. Read 127 Day exhibition – December 7, 2022

📷 James Tocchio reviews a 35mm point-and-shoot camera that’s big and ungainly — and promises to deliver SLR quality. Read Canon Sure Shot Zoom XL Review

📷 Everyone I read online who’s tried the new CineStill 400D color negative film really likes it. Alex Luyckx is among them, and he writes a solid review of the film. Read Film Review Blog No. 91 — CineStill 400D

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9 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

    That’s an amazing photograph of the Arden Craig shipwreck. A bit late, but I hope everyone got off safely.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Isn’t it? Just a beautiful photograph, despite the subject.

  2. tbm3fan Avatar

    CineStill 400D definitely not for me. I don’t particularly care for scanning but I do it with my Epson and basic tools. I am not, nor would I care to go through the learning process, after buying something like Photoshop to process my flat negatives.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ll have the lab scan mine. I know others who do that and get good results.

    2. adventurepdx Avatar

      I’m also ambivalent to Cinestill 400D. I’ve shot a couple rolls and found it OK, but I’d rather shoot Ultramax or Superia for five bucks less a roll. The one “new” stock that was introduced in 2022 that I liked (or at least felt was “interesting”) was the Adox Color Mission. I managed to get my hands on two rolls. Who knows if we’ll see that again?

      1. Jim Grey Avatar

        ATM I can’t find Ultramax or Superia for a price less than the CineStill 400D. I will eventually try my two rolls and see what I think.

        1. adventurepdx Avatar

          I’ve been lucky to find Superia and Ultramax locally for about ten bucks a roll.

  3. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    127 film, one of the great lost formats….imagine making a camera, similar to the late, great Bronica rangefinder, that shot 6 x 4.5 120 style frames, only horizontally on the film, instead of vertically on 120 film! at one time, I even had a back for my Hasselblad, that shot 16 frames of 4.5 square images on 120 film, and I had the cutter that cut them out of the film, and slide mounts for the film so they would fit in a 35mm slide projector. It was a wow at slide shows, but you could do the same without film waste with 127!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I have a soft spot for 127 because it was the format of my first camera. It’s also why I keep my Kodak Brownie Starmatic, because that first camera was a lesser Star camera.

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