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💻 When I was 22, post-college and in my first career job, I found myself increasingly miserable. I got a therapist. The first thing she did was teach me to identify and label my emotions. This was a huge game changer in my life. Brett and Kate McKay talk you through how to do this, and how it can help you be more personally powerful. Read From Overwhelmed to Empowered: How Labeling Your Emotions Can Help You Take Control

Park road
Rollei A110, Lomography Color Tiger, 2018

💻 David Cain shares a technique you can use at New Year’s, or anytime, to drive the personal growth you want to achieve. Read Every January, Make Two Lists

📷 I’m kind of done with 110 cameras. I say kind of because I’m always open to uber-compelling cameras regardless of film format. Anna Shotadze reviews a 110 camera I probably wouldn’t buy, and then gets good images from it. Read Review: Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 + Lomography Tiger CN200 film

📷 Peggy Marsh bought a Halina AI TLR and then took it apart, and put it back together again, and then made images with it. Read Halina AI

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6 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Love that “Recommended Reading” is back….always love the camera stuff…I’ve turned down more than a few of those 120 TLR’s that had the focus geared between the two lenses, all of them were “unmovable” and seemed jammed. I don’t think they were ever offered cheap enough for me to try fixing them myself. I salute Peggy for taking a wack at it!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      She’s hardcore!

    2. tbm3fan Avatar

      I have 13 geared TLR’s. Eight Ricohflex, the whole series, and six Kodak Reflex and Reflex II. Interestingly all the Ricohs were easy to fix so they all have smooth focusing. The Kodaks are a mixed bag, but not because they are hard to focus, but because some of them no longer completely mesh so the two lenses skip past each other in places.

      1. Andy Umbo Avatar
        Andy Umbo

        I’ve seen that with the Kodak’s I’ve seen…only saw one Ricoh in my city over the years…

  2. Peggy Avatar

    That’s the best description of my post ever 😀

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Does what it says on the tin!

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