The National Road in Ohio: Cambridge

Over Memorial Day weekend in 2011, my dog Gracie and I explored the National Road all the way across Ohio. That road is now US 40 in most places. I’m bringing the long trip report over from my old Roads site.

Next the National Road enters Cambridge.

Imagery ©2012 Digital Globe, GeoEye, USDA Farm Service Agency. Map data ©2012 Google.

The first thing I stopped for in Cambridge was this great motel sign. Sadly, this sign is now gone.

Cambridge, Ohio

Here’s a postcard image from long ago featuring this sign.

There are plenty of old buildings in Cambridge.

Cambridge, Ohio

US 40 is plenty wide through town.

Cambridge, Ohio

The Guernsey County Courthouse is mighty hard to photograph because of all the trees around it.

Cambridge, Ohio
Cambridge, Ohio
Cambridge, Ohio
Cambridge, Ohio

As the National Road leaves Cambridge, it follows a slightly different route from modern US 40.

Imagery © 2012 Digital Globe, GeoEye, USDA Farm Service Agency. Map data © 2012 Google.

The old route crosses a railroad track and US 40 just below the center of the map above. There I encountered another brick segment as the road headed west away from US 40.

Brick segment of old US 40/NR

It is good, rumbly brick. This road’s center stripe means that it is still considered important. If you squint, you can see the seam where the brick ends and asphalt begins.

Brick segment of old US 40/NR

Next: Two more S bridges.

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3 responses to “The National Road in Ohio: Cambridge”

  1. brandib1977 Avatar

    Cambridge is probably my favorite National Road town in Ohio. I was just there to enjoy some Christmas festivities this month and keep thinking I should go back in the spring for some hiking and exploration in the area. I also have some pictures from past trips along the National Road in that area I should dig out and share.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I hope you will share those pics!

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        I will see what I can do!

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