15 more old houses

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Old little house 2
Zionsville, IN; Reto Ultra Wide and Slim, Kroger 200 color film
Old house
Greensburg, IN; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Old house, downtown Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN; Zeiss Ikon Contessa LK, Ilford FP4 Plus, Ilford ID-11 1+1
Old house on US 40 W of Plainfield
Near Plainfield, IN; Canon PowerShot S95
Old house, Hancock County
Hancock County, IN; Canon PowerShot S95
Cars and old houses
Indianapolis, IN; Olympus OM-2n, 40mm f/2 Zuiko Auto-S, Ilford HP5 Plus, L110, Dilution E
Old house in New Augusta
New Augusta, IN; Nikon F3, 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor, Adox HR-50, Adox HR-DEV 1+49
Old house
Near Richmond, IN; Pentax K10D, smc PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL
Perrin Historic District, Lafayette, IN
Lafayette, IN. Pentax ME, 35mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A, Fujicolor 200 (at EI 100)
Old house
Near Metea, IN; Kodak EasyShare Z730
McKinley House, US 40 Clay Co.
Near Harmony, IN; Canon PowerShot S95
Rising Hall on US 40
Putnam County, IN; Apple iPhone 12 mini
Old house Plainfield IN
Plainfield, IN; Canon PowerShot S95
Old house, Middlefork
Middlefork, IN; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Perrin Historic District, Lafayette, IN
Lafayette, IN; Pentax ME, 35mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A, Fujicolor 200 (at EI 100)

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11 responses to “15 more old houses”

  1. Greg Clawson Avatar
    Greg Clawson

    Jim, I also love those old homes, especially the brick or masonry ones.
    I wish I was wealthy enough to own one, and pay someone else to maintain it.
    The Lafayette homes look familiar, probably around 9th Street historic district I’d guess.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The Perrin district. Is that near 9th St?

      1. Greg Clawson Avatar
        Greg Clawson

        Yes, it’s a few blocks East of 9th Street. Here is the Cyrus Ball house on 9th Street.


  2. sonny rosenberg Avatar

    Nice house shots!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


  3. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    I love old houses….we are selling our large city home to buy a much smaller cottage in the countryside, also built around 1915. Modern homes just don’t interest me. The cottage will be a lot easier to maintain than our current home, which is a bonus! Love the variety of cameras used in this post Jim!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Here in the US, early-mid 1900s homes are a good way to own an old house. They are generally built using more modern technique than houses from the 1800s and have some advantages in maintenance.

      The house I’m in now was built in 2006, and while it’s as inspiring as a gray stone, it requires next to no maintenance. I have to give it that.

  4. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

    My favourite photo is the one that includes your bicycle. My favourite house is the first one. It looks cosy and maintainable.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That’s the McKinley House. It’s on the National Road, of which I’ve written a ton on this site. Here’s a little bit more about this house:


  5. Roger Meade Avatar
    Roger Meade

    I never realized how many 19th century homes had arched or rounded windows. Some of those pictured have rectangular window frames inside arched brick openings. Perhaps they are later replacements.

    A wonderful collection of pictures. I love the old brick houses of Ohio, Indiana, and the southernmost counties of Michigan. They are certainly part of a bygone era.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’m always a little saddened when I find rectangular windows in an arched frame. But I get it, those windows would have to be custom made.

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