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💻 Mark Evanier is a television writer mostly known for his work in animation. He wrote an interesting article this week about how voice actors learn that they’re not right for a part. Or don’t, as the case usually is. Read ASK me: Not Right for the Part

Minolta AF-Sv, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400, 2018

💻 I quit Instagram a couple years ago when it was clearly becoming more a general-purpose social media site. Om Malik says that transition is complete, and it’s not a great place for photographers anymore. Read Instagram is dead

💻 As an introvert in the Christian church in the United States, I often feel like I don’t fit. It’s become a place that embraces, even celebrates, extroverted behavior, as if that’s the “right” way to be a Christian. I don’t even try to mimic it because it’s just exhausting. Joe Forrest tells why the church needs introverts, and exhorts it to include them. Read The Quiet Ones: How (and Why) Introverts Will Help Save the Church From Itself

💻 Sarcasm, for the most part, is not helpful and may be actively harmful to our ability to change things that need changed. So says Andrew Bosworth in a short essay. Read On Sarcasm

📷 Alex Luyckx reviews the humble Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AI-s Nikkor, a manual-focus “nifty fifty” that punches way above its class. It’s also a compact lens, and an easy companion for your Nikon SLR bodies. Read Optical Review Blog No. 31 – Nikon AI-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8

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8 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Greg Clawson says:

    Nice selection this week Jim! The quiet one’s is quite relevant to me, and of course anything about Nikon lens is a good read.

    • You’re welcome! You know, when I started doing this weekly roundup I had no idea if it would go over, and now I find that it’s usually the thing I do every week that people like best!

  2. Andy Umbo says:

    I’m on zero social media, having years ago during their development, been scratching my head and wondering why people are so sociologically “needy”. Once again, I am too late to the photographic party; first Flickr, and now Instagram, turned into money making advertising shills, before I can even investigate them enough to see if I want to belong? ! Whata world!

  3. I do more FB than Instagram, although it is becoming obvious that advertising is the sole reason for the existence of both platforms. The older I get, the less I like advertising. The Quiet Ones hits the nail right on the head!

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