Ilford FP4 Plus
LegacyPro L110 Dil B (1+31)

In my new book, Square Photographs, I introduced you to Ishank, a software engineer on a team I used to lead.

This is Trent, another software engineer from the same team. We met for lunch a few blocks from the office. The pandemic was still going strong, but people in central Indiana were willing to meet as long as we could do it outside.

Trent is an interesting fellow. He’s just super mellow, and goes easily with the flow. I am so not that way.

This image wasn’t included in Square Photographs because I thought the portrait of Ishank was a better image, and I wanted to keep good variety in the book.

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single frame: Trent

Meet a software engineer I used to work with, photographed on film.


12 thoughts on “single frame: Trent

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    I like this photo a lot. The quality of the lens really shows here, especially the “bokay” in the out of focus leaves over his head. I don’t know if that’s what you did here, but this seems to be a candidate for my “one roll portrait” movement of using only one roll of 120 per person, per sitting. A great discipline when working with a 120 twin lens!

    • After using this camera for several years, I no longer understand the people who look down on this lens and say they won’t settle for less than the Yashikor. This lens has lovely characteristics.

      • Andy Umbo says:

        I can tell you that these Yashicas were strong and very well built, while the last series of 124s got very “tinny” even tho the lens was considered “superior”…

  2. Jim, my Mother had an OLYMPUS AFL Quick Flash that I have no need for and am wondering if it’s anything you would want?? It’s FREE.

    “Thank you.”

    Glenda Malcom

    • Sorry for the late reply; your message got trapped in my spam filter for some reason. I have had a lot of luck selling cameras on eBay.

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