Good Morning Mama's

Good Morning Mama’s
Kodak Ektachrome E100G


My favorite meal to take in a restaurant is breakfast. Bring me the eggs, the bacon, the sausage, the fried potatoes. Rye toast if you have it, and plenty of butter. Keep my coffee cup filled!

Good Morning Mama’s is in the South Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, in a former service station. That’s what we called gas stations until sometime in the 1980s, because for a long time most gas stations could also fix your car when it broke down.

Now that I’ve published my new book, Square Photographs, I’m going to keep plugging it by showing you a lot of square photographs that didn’t make the book. Click the link in the box below to get your copy!

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12 responses to “single frame: Good Morning Mama’s”

  1. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Drove by this a few times and was interested, but have to say, once you’re living in downtown Zionsville, it’s impossible to not stop at Rosie’s, the closest to what I consider a “mid-western breakfast” like I was always used to…

    BTW, what happened to the price of breakfast? The cheapest thing to do. I had a pal in town a few weeks ago that wanted a mid-western diner breakfast, so we went to a place called Miss Katies that I knew would deliver. Two breakfasts; bacon, eggs (any way) hash-browns, toast (any type), and bottomless coffee, with tip, $42.00! Yikes!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Interesting – I like Rosie’s but I don’t love it. I really enjoy Cafe Patachou, but that’s more hoity-toity. I’m a huge fan of the classic diner breakfast and am always on the lookout for one of those.

      And yes: holy crap breakfast has become expensive. Margaret and I stop at the LePeep that opened a year or so ago near our home on some Saturdays and can hardly get out of there for under $40.

  2. brandib1977 Avatar

    This looks like a happy place to start the day. I love when people get creative and give old buildings new purpose like this service station turned breakfast nook.

    When I’m at home, I never think to go out for breakfast but that is one of the greatest rewards of traveling. I love leaving the hotel early to find a local joint to people watch – a good local breakfast place always has tasty food, interesting foot traffic and usually a table of retirees with lively conversation!

    1. Andy Umbo Avatar
      Andy Umbo

      BrandiB, I could eat breakfast all day every day! For years, while most of my pals were still gainfully employed, in the middle of our careers, and living in the same city, we met every Saturday morning for breakfast at a diner, just so we wouldn’t sleep away our weekend…once people started following jobs out of town, and the old diners started dying, if sort of all fell apart by 2000. When I was in Indiana for 4 years, I kept it alive at Rosies in Zionsville, but it was just me (plus it always opened “late”, it was weird to see a breakfast restaurant not opening at 5am?)…

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        I Iove breakfast food too and will eat it at any time of day. There’s no better place for breakfast than a mom and pop diner but you are right – they are becoming harder to find.

        And yeah, why open a breakfast restaurant late?

    2. Jim Grey Avatar

      Breakfast is my favorite meal to take at a restaurant! If it’s lunchtime but I’m in a place that does all-day breakfast, I always go for the breakfast! I’m also a fan of the local joint. Margaret and I were adventuring in southern Indiana over the weekend and the local joint was packed to the gills, so we were disappointed to be relegated to a hotel breakfast.

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        I have been known to wait in line for a seat at a great mom and pop breakfast place so I get it. I actually look for all day breakfast a lot because it’s sometimes easier to get a meatless meal from the breakfast menu.

        And now I want to go out for breakfast…..

  3. Cailín Rúnda Avatar
    Cailín Rúnda

    It will be interesting to see some of the photos that were not chosen for your book. Perhaps a few words as to why they were not selected?…Cailín

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Cailin, I can speak generally here about that. I wanted to limit to 40 images for about an 80-page book, so that printing costs didn’t force me into higher prices. I had about 50 images under consideration for the book and I selected the 40 I did almost entirely because they felt best to me!

      As I share more images that didn’t make the book, if there’s some additional or specific reason I didn’t choose that particular image I’ll give it!

      1. Cailín Rúnda Avatar
        Cailín Rúnda

        Thank you for your reply, Jim! Sometimes going with your own intuition is the best possible solution. …Cailín

  4. J P Avatar

    I have never breakfasted there, but will have to. My morning protein bar now seems so inadequate.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I just eat buttered toast, so I’m right there with you.

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