Hands in the Play-Doh

Did you know that when you mix all of the Play-Doh colors together, you get gray? Our granddaughter sure found out. I made these photos with my Nikon F3 and my 55mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor lens on expired Kroger 200 film, which is a Ferrania stock. I shot the film at EI 100 to get past the color shifts I got the last time I shot it.

Hands in Play-Doh
Hands in Play-Doh
Hands in Play-Doh

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6 thoughts on “Hands in the Play-Doh

    • matt says:

      When the musicologists of the future look back on modern blues music, they’ll wonder exactly “Shooting Expired Kroger Film Blues” was about.

    • This was probably pretty good film when it was fresh. It was made by Ferrania in Italy. Remember 3M Scotch film in the 80s? That was Ferrania film in disguise. A lot of store brands used Ferrania film for many years.

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