10 churches in Indiana

St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church
St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church, South Bend, IN
Boyleston Baptist Church
Boyleston Baptist Church, Boyleston, IN
Ambassadors for Christ church
Ambassadors for Christ, South Bend, IN
Dabney Baptist Church
Dabney Baptist Church, Dabney, IN
Community Church
Community Church, New Carlisle, IN
Crooked Creek Baptist Church
Crooked Creek Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses (now Traders Point Christian Church), Indianapolis, IN
Argos Wesleyan Church
Argos Wesleyan Church, Argos, IN
New Ross
New Ross United Methodist Church, New Ross, IN
Light of the World Christian Church
Light of the World Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN

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13 thoughts on “10 churches in Indiana

  1. I’m ways intrigued by places like Light of the World that don’t look at all like a traditional church. It has a fortress like quality rather than the reaching for the heavens concept. Do you know how old that building is?

  2. A few of those places seem distinctly governmental. The Jehovah’s Witnesses “hall” looked less like a place of worship so much as a venue to practice reversing Supreme Court rulings they didn’t like. But the Ambassadors church really has the appearance of something you might see in Europe… very nice. I think my favourite, though, has to be the Community Church. Cozy, shaded front, on a corner with trees… very compelling. It has the air of a simpler, more honest time and out of the whole lot of them, it’s the one that makes me most want to step inside.

    • The JW hall was built as First Church of Christ, Scientist. It does look like a courthouse, doesn’t it?

      The Community Church is indeed an inviting little structure.

  3. Ann says:

    My great-grandparents and grand parents attended this church on 12th and Delaware when it was a Christian Scientist church (back in the 1920s). My grandfather met his wife there. It was Second Church of Christ, Scientist back then

  4. dave says:

    I always return to my photos of Tyson UMC in Versailles. You seem to get around, any photos of the interior of it?

  5. John Roberts says:

    Cool. I grew up in Crooked Creek Baptist Church. Later, when my dad went into the ministry, he pastored Boyleston Baptist Church. Thanks for the pix!

    • How awesome is that, that I’ve managed to include two churches from your life in one post. I used to live near Crooked Creek Baptist. For most of 25 years I lived near Kessler/Cooper/56th Street.

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