Film coming out of my ears

You might remember a couple years ago that some of my posts were sponsored by Analogue Wonderland, that film superstore in the UK. They sent me a big box full of various films, and the only thing I had to do in return was plug them when I blogged about those films. Paul, one of the founders, really liked my writeups about those rolls. When I ran out of his film, he offered to send me another box! I said I would reach out after I shot up a bunch of film that had been hanging around my freezer for too long. I felt sure that would take just a couple months.

That was two years ago. I still haven’t gotten back to Paul.

What happened is that I came upon a big sale on short-dated Kodak T-Max 100. I couldn’t pass up buying ten rolls.

Then someone gave me some bulk Kodak Panatomic-X. I didn’t want to fuss with bulk loading, so I sent it to Mike Eckman. He responded by sending me a couple bulk-loaded rolls of the stuff, plus a handful of rolls of specialty films I haven’t gotten around to shooting yet.

Then Kodachromeguy came into the entire frozen film inventory of a longtime photographer who had passed away. He sent me a whole bunch of 120 film, mostly Ilford FP4 Plus, but also some Kodak Vericolor III. He also sent me a roll of GAF Versapan in 35mm to try.

Then he excitedly pointed me to an eBay auction for a dozen rolls of Kodak Plus-X that had always been cold stored. I simply adore Plus-X! I won that auction at an astonishingly good price. Four rolls of Kodak Tri-X of similar vintage were part of the lot, as well.

And then, with the cost of color film rising like mad, I found three three-packs of Fujicolor 200 at my local big-box store at about four bucks a roll. I couldn’t turn that down! Then I came across a good sale on an expired ISO 200 Ferrania color film branded for the Kroger grocery-store chain. I bought six rolls.

Then Kodak announced their Gold 200 film would be produced in 120, and as soon as I could I pre-ordered a five pack.

In short, I have film coming out of my ears.

Most of this is my fault. The T-Max 100, Plus-X, Fujicolor 200, and Kroger 200 films were all bargains and I just can’t resist a bargain.

But I had such a great time shooting all of that film Paul sent me. I’d really like to do it again. Unfortunately, it’ll probably take me two more years to shoot all of this film I now have, to make room in the freezer for more!

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21 responses to “Film coming out of my ears”

  1. J P Avatar

    So . . . that post the other day about the crazy cost of film these days is a problem that is more theoretical than real? :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      New, fresh film prices are soaring. I got bargains on leftover and even expired film!

  2. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Wow! …and I have nine rolls of Fomapan 120 in my freezer on a very short date I just can’t seem to get around to doing anything with! You’re a machine!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Far too much of the family freezer is taken up with my film — thank God I have a patient wife!

      1. tbm3fan Avatar

        I have two refrigerators. One freezer for frozen food items and one for film and both in the kitchen. I believe the current count, and I don’t count all that often, would put the number around 350-375. The only old film I don’t have and wish I did but has been always hard to find is Panatomic-X so I settle for Agfapan 25 and APX 25.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          350+ rolls?!! Dude, you’re set for life!

          I’ve thought about buying a fridge/freezer for the garage, and storing my film out there — along with all of the long-term-storage food that is in our kitchen fridge/freezer. It’s mighty crowded in there. Trouble is, the garage is full and I don’t know where I’d put that fridge/freezer.

  3. fishyfisharcade Avatar

    I need to inventory what I have. I think I must have around 50-100 rolls split between the freezer (one entire drawer!), fridge and in a drawer. Like yourself, I often buy film when I see a good deal even while knowing I might not get around to shooting it for a long time. At my current rate of shooting, I’ve probably got enough to last me the next eighteen months, but I know I’ll buy more – either for the aforementioned reason, or because I tend to use some films (like HP5+) much more regularly as my “go-to” film, so replenish it when it gets low.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      50-100 rolls! Ok, you beat me! :-)

      HP5+ has become a go-to b/w for me in the last year. I’ve got but a couple rolls of the stuff left, however.

  4. Sean Mahan Avatar

    I’m in a similar situation, especially with expired 12-exp rolls of Fuji 100 (which probably no one wants, but I justify it by shooting a lot of half frame). I find this especially happens to me in the winter—I work at home and have young kids, so between unpleasant weather and getting more covid cautious during the omicron wave in January I haven’t gotten out much! I’ll burn $$ 800-speed film on holidays and birthdays, but can only take so many pictures out the windows.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Fuji 100! What a wonderful stock. If I had a cache of 12-exp rolls I’d use it to test new-to-me old cameras.

      The bleh weather here in central Indiana has made it hard to get out for photography, too.

    2. Jerome Avatar

      I bought 10 rolls of Fuji 100 12-exposure rolls a few months ago. Will buy more, in a few months if I can find them.

      I had decided to stop using Fuji 100, but in good light the results are pretty good.

  5. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    Nice on the Plus-X. I have one brick left from Kodak’s last run of the film in my freezer. I hate to break the seal on the cellophane, but I know I must. Someday.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      There is something about breaking that seal. It’s like using a 100 dollar bill to pay for something small.

  6. Tsd13 Avatar

    Not a bad problem to have!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Good point!

  7. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

    I have half a roll of Foma 400 in my Minolta and two rolls of HP5+ I bought the other day. I’m not sure how much film I’ll be buying in the future. A story on Petapixel says that Fuji is going to raise film prices by 20-60 percent. I don’t have to buy Fuji, but it’s probably only a matter of time before Kodak announces a price hike. Black and white prices are still reasonable, but the cost of development went up here in February. Without a stash in the freezer I can fall back on, I’m going to be using my digital cameras more and more.
    Until I get the film itch again . . . . :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve got enough good digital cameras here I could do the same if I got too fed up with the cost of film. It’s nice to know.

  8. NigelH Avatar

    okay okay if you really want my help you just have to ask… send me anything you like and I will relieve the pressure for you ;-)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Nice to know you always have my back Nigel!

  9. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    I think having a stash of film in the fridge or freezer is pretty much essential right now, my favourite emulsions are often out of stock these days!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Good point!

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