17 thoughts on “10 abandoned bridges

  1. Greg Clawson says:

    Jim, I like the way these photos draw your eye and make you wonder what is on the other side.

  2. DougD says:

    Very interesting, around here bridges are removed not abandoned so that’s something I never see. That last one is quite something with the turrets at the ends of the trusses.

    • It’s cheaper to leave them in place, and so often that’s what happens. They end up being removed when they deteriorate so badly that they’re dangerous. That’s what happened to the last bridge in this searies, by the way.

  3. Roger Meade says:

    That third photo reminds me very much of a photo I bought at a summer art show perhaps 20 years ago. A similar bridge but still active. On the other side the road entered a deep wooded area, so that only a small patch of light could be seen in the distance. I took it as a metaphor for life- we can never know what awaits us down the road.

  4. Roger Meade says:

    I hope the demolition company had to clean up the river channel after blowing the bridge, even if it was a side channel.

  5. Darts and Letters says:

    What kind of proximity are all of these bridges, to each other? I like the one with your bike! Are you planning a bike trip for spring or summer, maybe?

    • In order:

      Near Clay City, IL
      Near Plainfield, IN
      Near Martinsville, IN
      Cambridge City, IN
      Indianapolis, IN
      Near Cambridge, OH
      Near Greenville, IL
      Near Carlyle, IL
      Near Clay City, IL
      Bridgeport, OH

      I am unlikely to make a bike tour this year. But I’ll be riding around my area as much as I can during the warm months, for sure.

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