Recommended reading / Weekend update

💻 Your good old days may be past, but someone else’s good old days are now. And these are good old days, too, if we can learn to notice it. David Cain explains. Read The Good Old Days Are Happening Now

Peppy Grill
Olympus OM-1, F. Zuiko 50mm f/1.8, Kodak BW400CN

💻 David Heinemeier Hansson highlights how social media is useful and a force for good during times like the war in Ukraine. Read The other side of social media

💻 I love stuff like this — a bridge in Pensacola completely covered in (mostly) cheerful graffiti. Tim Jeffers has the photos. Read Graffiti Bridge, Pensacola, Florida

📷 Jerome gives the Minolta XG-M 35mm SLR a second chance. Read VMLP 19: The Minolta XG-M–Second Times the Charm

📷 I always look forward to Peggy Marsh‘s camera reviews. Here she reviews the Olympus OM40, aka the OM-PC. Read Olympus OM40 (OM-PC)

I cannot overstate the importance of getting out of bed every morning and doing good, productive things. If the world has delivered good, productive things for you to do, you are a true winner in life. If you lack good, productive things to do, find or make some.

You might not like some or all of the productive things you have to do. I’m in that boat – the main productive thing I have to do is my job, and it has been a shitshow for at least six months. Fortunately, I’ve made a productive thing to do that I really enjoy — this.

I get up every morning, even though in my grief I would really rather not, because I get to write this.

My job looks like it’s going to settle down and get good. It’ll take a year, probably. That’s a long time. I’ll keep clinging to this, and my book projects — all good, productive things that can pull me out of bed every morning.

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15 thoughts on “Recommended reading / Weekend update

  1. Hi Jim, thanks for the mention!

    My budget is going to regret this, but could you recommend a folding camera with RF, 120 format, and sharp lens? I have been able to find a working Minolta model. Prefer one that can do 6×4.5.


    • I don’t think I can recommend one, Jerome — those start to get mighty expensive, and have been outside the budget I normally set for myself. Sorry!

  2. Thanks for your post today, Jim. Life in an RV is conducive to a relaxed lifestyle, and since we began living here full-time I have kinda let myself take things a little too easy. It’s complicated by the facts that I am a night person, a lifelong procrastinator, generally undisciplined, and indecisive. (Actually, I’m not so sure about that last one.)
    But I do want to do good, productive things. I hope I can reprogram myself a bit. Thanks for the reminder.

    • With as much change as you’ve put yourselves through I’m sure you’re rebuilding routines all over the place these days. Good luck!

  3. ronian42 says:

    Just a thought for motivation with benefits Jim you can take it or leave it, but I like the principle conveyed in Ecclesiastes 11:6

    • It’s often so hard to see the good in the present day because of all the challenging things that we don’t know yet how will resolve.

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