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💻 For the record, I am politically center right. I want liberals to win right now, however, because I think the Republican Party is willing to crush democracy to retain power. I think Democrats are squandering their opportunity to win, however, and Kevin Drum does a great job explaining why. Read Progressives are “grim and joyless”

Painted faces
Minolta Maxxum 5, 35-70mm f/4 Maxxum AF Zoom,Fujifilm Fujicolor 200, 2022

📷 Astrid Robertson reviews Adox HR-50 film, an emulsion I enjoyed very much when I tried it. Read Film review: ADOX HR-50, a high-resolution film with a boost

📷 Andy made some stunning photos of a grand cathedral on chromogenic Ilford XP2 film. Check them out. Read Exeter Cathedral on XP2

📷Even a modest camera can often make a lifetime of wonderful photographs. Jordi Fradera shares images a colleague and friend made over a lifetime with a Dacora Dignette. Read Dacora Dignette – The Story of an Old Camera

I’ve been thinking this week about the sheer amount of grief I’ve had over the last five years. Dad died, and our daughter-in-law Mariah died, and Margaret’s mother died. My kids grew up, moved out, and started their adult lives — a thing that brings me happiness and pride, but my gosh, I’d give my right arm to have just one more high-school year with each of them. Their teenage years were my favorite time to be their dad.

Another thing I am realizing I’ve not grieved properly was the life I had before I married. I love Margaret and have no regrets that I chose her. But I left a home I loved and a stable and predictable life, for a house I frankly hate and a very messy and challenging life. I moved into Margaret’s house as a practical matter after we married — she still had one kid in high school, and we didn’t want him to have to change schools. Neither of us anticipated we’d still be here after this many years. We’ve had one crushing blow after another. We’re just exhausted.

I think Rana’s death was the last straw. I’m crying Uncle. I need to pause to grieve all of this.

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10 responses to “Recommended reading / Weekend update”

  1. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Wow, wow, wow…Kevin Drum is misrepresenting the “wack” view of the insane far left people on the internet as “fact” (and worse, what all liberals believe). Even most of the commenters on his site are taking exception. I’ve been liberal since day one and everyone else I know is not “grim and joyless”. In two party America, where you basically only have two parties that will ever get elected to anything, “weird-beard” left wingers vote democrat for the same reason Neo-Nazi’s vote republican. It’s really their only choice. I could put together a far more horrifying list of beliefs of right-wing outliers that vote republican than what he has here for lefties. It would probably include belief in white supremacy and sanctioned para-military forces in your neighborhood. Do any of us really need to have the conversation in this day and age, of the lunacy of pushing unvetted political information, or worse, wrong-headed and uneducated opinion that appears on the internet? BTW, the republican party has worked for years to push outlier left wing ideas as what everyone in the democratic party believes in.

    Jim, you are correct about one thing, the right wing republicans are certainly willing to crush democracy to retain power. As a person thrust into corporate business in the late 80’s, I’ve been reading the biz mags for years, and following the unethical, and criminal behavior of Donald Trump, business man, almost since then. The idea that he could end up the voice of republicans, and getting elected as president is insane. You can bet anything you want, there were plenty of Republican Party operatives that knew his background and glossed it over. I sleep well and go to my grave with a clear conscious, knowing that I would have never voted for someone like Donald Trump for any reason,

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You’ve got to understand that for most of us near the center, or on the right, this exactly how progressives/liberals come across. It’s really offputting.

      1. Andy Umbo Avatar
        Andy Umbo

        Take it from someone who lived in Washington DC and knew republican congressional aides; they’ve been promoting that fallacy for years. The democrats mistake was not nipping it in the bud early on. The democrats couldn’t believe that anyone would be so marginally educated that they would believe any of that crap on right wing fly-over unvetted radio. Guess what, they did!

  2. DougD Avatar

    Interesting, the grim and joyless are part of it. We have a very progressive friend and what drives me crazy about her proclamations is that it’s what everyone else has to do, not her. It’s pretty tough to listen when she’s got a minivan too, she lives in a detached house too, and she drove to Florida for March break too.

    I’m centre right (almost the same as center right but the spelling is different in Canada) and I’ve voted Liberal in the last two elections. I think it’s a major disadvantage for the US that you have a two party system. We have five viable ones, and you can change your vote without doing a complete opposite.

    And we too have our forces that want to destroy democracy. Witness the current trucker tantrum in Canada: “We are Canadian patriots and we want to bring freedom so we’re holding you all hostage until you give in to our demands” Unbelievable….

    As my mother used to say “Just be normal, that’s crazy enough”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Your mother sounded wise.

      1. DougD Avatar

        It’s a common saying in Holland, but I don’t think they’re any less crazy for it

  3. Marc Avatar

    Prayer & meditation. Get on you knees IF you are still able to get up. I think it does more for the experience & godly connection. Also believe we can choose to think & act differently. Listened to book -think- A Complaint Free World. Never made the 30 days but did change my thinking. I’ve been in a medically hole for last year. Prayers & cheerful texts, calls, cards from friends & people I didn’t even know have saved me. This year I want to pull myself up & hopefully give some back. You are a good man Jim

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Marc.

  4. Rick Bell Avatar
    Rick Bell

    Hi Jim, my heart aches when I hear about the terrible grief you’ve been going through and I wholeheartedly encourage you to seriously delve deeper into the marvellous grand plans that God has in store for all of mankind. The Lord’s Prayer talks about it and Jesus spent his years on earth after his baptism preaching about it. It is so very close at hand now. I’m talking about the Paradise that the apostle John wrote about in Revelation 21:3,4. This is for all of us here and the ones that are to be resurrected. I just lost my cousin whom I felt closer to than some of my siblings. I eagerly await seeing her again in perfect health in the near future.
    Feel free to Email me if you have any questions.
    Sincerely Rick

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Rick.

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