single frame: Sophie in the window


Sophie in the window
Kodak EasyShare Z730

I was looking back through old photographs and found this one of Sophie, who was my cat for a short time after I was divorced. Read Sophie’s whole story here. This blog was just six months old when I made this photograph. I was still reeling from my divorce. I deliberately avoided writing about it here — I wanted to use this blog as a way to move on and look forward. So I seldom told stories about my life as it was happening then.

I routinely left windows open for Sophie when I went to work so she could enjoy the breezes and the outside smells. She loved this window in particular because she could stretch out in it. But I guess fleas jumped in and onto her through the screens, and soon I had the worst flea infestation I’d ever seen. They got into the carpets; as I walked through the house I could see and feel them jumping up and bouncing off my legs. I had to spray flea killer through the entire house three times, each time sequestering poor Sophie to a crate in the garage all day. I never opened a window again, and never saw another flea.

Sophie needed more time and attention than I could give her. Long story short, I gave Sophie to my ex-wife and she gave me the dogs we’d had while we were married. Each of us still maintains we got the better end of the deal. The dogs were a Rottweiler named Sugar and a Golden Retriever-Chow mix named Gracie. Read Sugar’s story here, and Gracie’s here. Since Gracie died in 2013, I’ve remained petless.

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4 responses to “single frame: Sophie in the window”

  1. J P Avatar

    A really low tolerance for flea infestations would be among the large number of reasons we do not own a pet. I sometimes feel like I live in one of maybe 10 pet-free environments in the world.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We’re one of the ten. Margaret and I aren’t sure that will change.

  2. Greg Clawson Avatar
    Greg Clawson

    Nice photo Jim! I am a dog lover mostly, but they’re is nothing wrong with a good cat.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’m a dog person, too.

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