Bourbon Bottle Light

Bourbon bottle light
Nikon Df, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor

This photograph was a runner up for my 10 Favorite Photos post this year. I like the muted colors and the quality of the blurred background.

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single frame: Bourbon bottle light

A bourbon bottle as a light. I just like this photograph is all.


9 thoughts on “single frame: Bourbon bottle light

  1. Perhaps these low light photos in color appeal to my personal aesthetic, but I would have included this in your top ten. Sorry Boone County Jail Door.

      • -N- says:

        I bought mine new – self indulgence, certainly! It never fails to deliver and having all the knobs and gears and buttons on top appeals to our old-style-camera hearts. I admit that all the bells and whistles on digital cameras often are not used as they could be by me as I prefer to use aperture priority and a low iso and let the camera choose the speed. However, shutter priority is great when you are shooting out the car window at 70 mph! Enjoy it as it is a purely delightful camera. And, if you want a 35mm fixed lens camera, you cannot go wrong if you want digital by getting the x100 by Fuji. It’s a real pleasure to use. And so are all these lovely old film cameras . . . .

        • I bought mine new out of leftover stock as by last March when I got it, Nikon had certainly “shadow discontinued” it. I wanted one with the silver top rather than all black; I got the very last one available at Amazon. I would have preferred to buy it from a camera store, esp. the one local to me, but nobody had any in stock.

          I keep looking sidelong at the Fuji digitals. They impress. Someday my beloved Canon S95 will kick the bucket — I still use that camera a lot, it is a workhorse — and that is when I will entertain whether to buy something like the x100.

        • -N- says:

          I have the silver-topped Df – I thought it better looking than the black one – more like an old time camera it was emulating. The same with the X100V. I had considered moving to the Fuji XT format but then thought twice. I stayed with Nikon. Still have film cameras too, but each is there for a purpose. Despite the digitals, I have yet to master at-home film developing, and have decided that is my 2022 goal. I no longer feel an overwhelming need to be perfect, so now I can let screw ups happen in the process of processing.

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