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💻 The so-called metaverse is already here, says Ben Thompson, and we’re all living in it. We’re all also living in the real world, too. What’s valuable to notice is that for most of us, the two worlds don’t overlap. Read The Great Bifurcation

Chicago River
Nikon Df, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor, 2021.

💻 Peter Barton tells the true, sad story of his neighbor Joan’s funeral. Read God’s waiting room

💻 Close your eyes and try to visualize an apple. If you can’t, you might have aphantasia. Steve Blank does, and he describes how it both limits him and benefits him. Read I Can’t See You but I’m Not Blind

📷 AlanD takes a look at the Pentax MZ-60 and its frustrating limitations on which SMC Pentax lenses it’s compatible with. Read 10 Years Too Late – Pentax MZ-60 (ZX-60) Review

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4 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    Heart wrenching story by Peter Barton, I guess you can’t control what happens after you’ve left this mortal coil. Brought back memories of my fathers passing. He was a contentious Catholic and went to his local church every Sunday, where-ever he was for most of his life. Upon his passing, the parish he had been at for 40 years couldn’t be bothered to send a parish priest and had some retired crack-pot scrub priest come in to do the service, which turned out horribly. The guy was a raving lunatic. My mother, who was not fond of organized religion to begin with, was livid. The Catholic church never got another dime out of the family. Me and my sibs were already well into the rejection of any kind of institutionalized worship, after being raised under the arrogance of the Catholic Church. Any relationship I have with a supreme being does not need the imprimatur of an ersatz “community” who need to feel they belong to something.

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