single frame: Jet tail

Jet Tail

Jet tail
Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros

I’m going to make a book out of my favorite photographs from my Yashica TLRs. It should be easy to put together; I’ve already selected the images I want to print in it. I just need to write something up for each photo, much like I do for the images in this “single frame” series.

I’m taking to heart the feedback a few of you gave me on Vinyl Village, that the photos’ reproduction quality was not up to snuff. I printed that book through Amazon. I might use Amazon again, but go with their top-quality ink and paper. I might try MagCloud — it would be a lot more expensive, but the quality would certainly be there. I might do both.

I made this photo with my first Yashica-D on the Clay County, Indiana, courthouse lawn.

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12 responses to “single frame: Jet tail”

  1. DougD Avatar

    Someone left their jet on the courthouse lawn??
    Nice image, that’s back a bit from the really close up photos you take of cars.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Military displays on courthouse lawns are a thing here. It’s interesting.

  2. matt Avatar

    The Air Force says, “No, it doesn’t mean THAT Eff You… it means, uh, fighter unit… Yeah! Fighter Unit.”

    I had some prints made through Amazon; the black and white ones were not good. It looked to me as if they weren’t printed as B&W, but muddy color. I don’t know if that’s what’s happening for you, but it was disappointing.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I didn’t know Amazon did prints! I had to look it up and sure enough they have a photo store now. Crazy.

  3. Ted+Kappes Avatar

    I do like the Yashica TLRs. I have a 124 and a 635 along with a model that uses 127 film. I got them all back in my camera crazy days. I think the 124 may be the camera where you get the most image quality for your money of any camera that I have ever used. I remember they sold for around $125 when they were new,

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      People tell me I should try a Rolleiflex or a Minolta Autocord, but honestly I love my Yashica TLRs so much that I don’t feel the need to stray.

      I’d love to own one of the Y TLRs for 127 one day. I don’t shoot much 127 but it is a favorite format.

      1. Jerome Avatar

        I have an Autocord and a Yashica Mat 124. In terms of build, the Autocord seems a bit more sturdy. Image-wise, I don’t see a difference. One interesting difference for me is focusing. I use the magnifier on each to focus, and with the Yashica I have to wear reading glasses, with the Autocord I don’t. I was fortunate that my 124 came with the original auxiliary wide and telephoto lenses!

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          I’ve heard that the Yashica Mat 124 isn’t as sturdy as the older Yashica TLRs like my D and 12. I’ve never held a 124 to know for sure, though.

        2. Andy Umbo Avatar
          Andy Umbo

          I’ve always loved the Minolta Autocord, and at one time owned five of them! Down to one now. Very strongly built, and the Minolta lens was a pretty high performer. In my neck of the woods, it was the back-up camera of choice for wedding photographers, and that’s who I was buying them all from. It was felt that it was the closest thing to a Rollei without spending the money.

          I had a 124 once, bought it new, and the lens was great, worked fine, but it was a little “tinnier” than the Minolta and earlier Yashicas. Older Yashicas like the 635 and D, seem physically sturdier with thicker metal than the last series 124’s. The 124G was made until 1986, and I remember the New York camera stores advertising them for 99 dollars a crack until the late 80’s. They must have bought all of the last run. I should have bought 500 bucks worth of those!

        3. Jim Grey Avatar

          99 bucks for a good TLR in the 80s was a bargain!

  4. Jim Hanes Avatar
    Jim Hanes

    Naw, get a Ciro-Flex F. It’s the Poor Man’s Rolleicord.
    The plane is an F-86 Saber. Probably from the Indiana Air National guard. There used to be an ANG base at Hulman Field, between Brazil and Terre Haute. The 86s were replaced by F-100s.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      My first wife was base photographer in the 90s at HUF and they were transitioning from F-4s to F-16s.

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