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💻 So much advice given is general, almost platitudinous. It’s when advice is oddly specific, David Cain says, that it can be truly valuable. Read Advice Gets Good When It Gets Specific

Inside the Central House
Nikon EM, 50mm f/1.8 Nikon Series E, Agfa Vista 200, 2019

💻 Ashley Pomeroy bought a Brompton folding bicycle just before the pandemic hit, and gives an interesting experience report with the bicycle against a COVID backdrop. Read Brompton B75: Eighteen Months On

📷 The Nikon EM gets bashed pretty regularly by film-camera reviewers (including me). Paul Lovell is not among the bashers. Read Nikon EM

📷 Josh Solomon has very nice things to say about the 75-150mm Nikon Series E lens. Read The Nikon Series E 75-150mm f/3.5 — The People’s Telephoto Lens

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5 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    Interesting take on the Nikon EM…Amazing how the Pentax ME is wildly worshipped among the Pentax crowd, but the EM “can’t get no respect”. You CAN set manual shutter speeds on the Pentax, even tho it’s layout is designed to make you think twice before you do it, maybe that was the big difference?

    When it came to the “E” series Nikon lenses, I actually knew fashion and events photographers whose businesses were basically all shooting 35mm, who had no problems using any of the “E” lenses, and thought they were OK. Altho I shot very little 35mm for money, one of my favorite lenses was the 35mm, and it was pretty well understood by Nikon shooters that their line of 35mm lenses were “meh”. I owned one of each f/stop in the AI-s and pre AI series, and wasn’t really happy with any of them. One of the better ones? The “E” series 35mm f/2.5! Their “cheap” lens that was probably about as good as any of them in the period.

    • The EM felt flimsy to me. That’s not just compared to greater Nikons, but to other cameras in its class, like the Pentax ME.

      My 50/1.8 Series E is a peach of a lens. I used it to make the photo in the post today.

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