Broken windows

Brick wall, broken windows
Kodak VR35 K12
Ultrafine Extreme 400
Ilford ID-11 stock

The Kodak VR35 K12 (review forthcoming) is a point-and-shoot camera meant for people to use to photograph their families and their vacations, that sort of thing. I used it to photograph the kinds of things I typically do, which is neither families nor vacations.

The viewfinder is inaccurate, off center to the lens, showing more than what the lens actually sees. That makes it challenging to compose a shot and have any idea whether the frame contains what you want. Fortunately, if your scan is large enough you can crop it liberally.

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Film Photography

single frame: Brick wall, broken windows

Broken windows in a Lebanon, IN, alleyway.


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    • Sorry Reinhold! When I do a photo post, my WordPress theme creates a colored background complementary to the photo. I like the look, but agree that sometimes it makes the text challenging to read. That effect doesn’t happen in an RSS reader or in email, making it easier to read.

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