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I hardly know whether to bother wearing a mask anymore. The places I go, no less than half of people aren’t wearing theirs. Last time I went grocery shopping, my estimate is that four out of five bared their faces.

I know that the point of wearing the mask is for me not to spread COVID if I happen to be carrying it. But if most people aren’t wearing masks, it makes the whole thing seem ineffective. Masking works best when we all cooperate and do it.

Beers with some co-workers

I had a surprisingly severe cold in October. It drove me to take a couple days off work to rest, but to be fair I have also been suffering from very real exhaustion thanks to extreme work stress. My symptoms were more consistent with a cold than with COVID. But on the chance it was COVID, I didn’t go into places unless it was critically necessary, and when I did, I masked up and didn’t linger.

Otherwise, I’m going out and doing things that I want to do. In places where masks are required, I mask. In places where they’re optional, I mask only if most other people are masking.

I still work from home most days. It’s no longer about COVID, but about not commuting. I suppose that if more people were in the office every day I might go in more often to enjoy the office buzz. On a normal day in the office I encounter three or four people. I still spend most of my day on Zoom; I just do it from a different place. I don’t see the point in spending so much time in the car just for that.

The major upside of this pandemic is that my car is going to last a good long time – I hardly use it!


10 responses to “Trusting my vaccination”

  1. tbm3fan Avatar

    I was in Safeway and Best Buy yesterday and everyone inside had a mask on. On Tuesday I talked with a former patient who now lives in Tampa Bay which is in you know what state with that governor. Now he went to a dinner party at the end of June along with his wife and both vaccinated. The man of that house tells him some days later that three of his relatives were infected. He slowly got sick and thought he could stay home but when he eventually went to his Doc he was quickly admitted to the hospital for 11 days and long term rehab for 14 days in July. Given O2 but not on a ventilator. His wife had very minor issues. He tells me he walked two miles per day but now it is two blocks and his O2 saturation is down in the high 80s instead of his typical 97%. Obviously caught Delta and has now had the booster which doesn’t matter at this point for back then.

  2. Randy Avatar

    Wear the mask Jim, for your sake.

  3. Keith Walker Avatar
    Keith Walker

    you need to wear a mask for YOUR own safety as well as for others. Don’t follow the crowd, use your common sense (if you have any) You have over 3/4 million dead from Covid (thanks to Trump who did nothing about it. I do follow the world news even from the South Pacific).

    The American idea of ‘freedom’ is pure selfishness, do whatever you want whenever you want and the rest of the community can go to hell

  4. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    I’ve had all my shots, including the booster, AND this years regular flu shot. I grocery shop in an area where the “sociological marketing information” I used to look at when I was employed in advertising, shows that I’m surrounded by highly educated college grads, working in white collar professional fields. When I grocery shop, 4 out of 5 people are wearing masks, and virtually everyone older than 60 is wearing a mask.

    It is untrue that unless everyone is wearing a mask, you really won’t get the protection you need: staying 6 to 10 feet away from people and wearing a mask, no matter what anyone else is doing, is still safer than not wearing a mask. Even the places I’ve been that are sort of “opening up” demand that you use a mask to travel into the restaurant/bar, and to your table, but don’t demand it while your sitting with the people you came in with.

    I guess what I’m saying is MY crowd is masking, and I don’t run my life on what marginally educated right wingers are doing. As a neighbor said to me the other day: “…it’s not the democrats that are dying…”.

    1. Andy Umbo Avatar
      Andy Umbo

      And as an update, Wisconsin has had over 3,000 reported cases for the last 2-3 days, when we were well below 1000 for weeks. Are people getting too lax? Being fully vaccinated may not keep you from getting covid, but it will most likely keep you from having to be hospitalized. Even if you get a mild case without bad symptoms, masking and distance will keep you from spreading it. The vaccine does not keep you from spreading it….

      1. tbm3fan Avatar

        As further incentive to keep the mask on in public is the cost of one day in ICU if that were the case even if you are not going to die because of being vaccinated. The cost where I am is $10,000 per day for what, one week or two weeks, and then paying your share.

        What is of interest, which we don’t hear about, are all those people who refused to mask up and ended up in ICU for maybe a month or two before getting out. After that we hear nothing about their new financial situation vis a vis collection, bankruptcy or.? Their are bills in the millions now for some who survived.

  5. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    Every morning I wake up and read the news. And every morning, it continues to surprise me that we are still having this discussion about vaccines and masks. So many people have died from this thing, including some wonderful people that I knew. I’ve been vaccinated. Everyone I know has been vaccinated. I am going for my booster later this month. Out here in California, we’re still wearing our masks in stores and on the way in to and out of restaurants. We’re wearing masks in the common areas of our office and honestly, no one really seems to mind. We know we’re all doing these things for the common good of everyone and to get rid of this Covid thing once and for all. Right, left…why the hell can’t we all just be Americans, go all in and send this bug packing? Geesh.

  6. Doug Anderson Avatar

    I had a mild case of covid early in the pandemic. I had my two vaccinations and am scheduled for a booster in two weeks. I wear a mask when and where required by law or by the business or venue. Otherwise I don’t. And neither do the overwhelming majority of the residents of our 55+ community or our municipality. Our infections, hospitalizations and deaths are among the lowest in our county and state (NJ).

    On a recent trip to Virginia we stopped at the Delaware Welcome Center (now named the Biden Center) on 95 and almost everyone was masked. When we got to Virginia about half the people were masked. (We put on masks in DE but not in VA.)

  7. brandib1977 Avatar

    I wear my mask when required, when I’m around a bunch of people and when the person I’m with is wearing theirs. So if the grocery store is slow and I can keep distance between me and others, I keep it in my pocket for if I need it. If I walk into a shop and the one person in the building is wearing a mask I put mine on.

    Like you, I still work from home so I don’t go out much and my car is getting a much needed break. I look forward to getting my booster and am hopeful that better days are ahead for us all maybe next summer.

  8. Ted Kappes Avatar

    I have been wearing KN95 masks for a while since that probably does give me some extra protection. I am so used to it by now that I hardly notice I am wearing it. I also have had the vaccinations and the booster. I figure as with most everything else in life it is best to do what gives me the best odds.

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