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How can it be October already?

📰 If you think the last Presidential election was a mess — regardless of which side you were on — the risk of the next major election being subverted is rising sharply. So reports Politico. Read What If 2020 Was Just A Rehearsal?

Station 32
Polaroid Colorpack II, Fujifilm FP-100C, 2017

📷 Nick Collingwood was given a large-format SLR — yes, such a thing exists — and made some great portraits of stylish people with it. Read NYFW SS2022 on Large Format Film // 4×5 + Polaroid

📷 The first photographs made with a Leica camera, by Oskar Barnack himself, are unearthed, and Stephen Dowling shares some of them. Read This first picture taken on a Leica

📷 Katie walks us through her journey to owning a Russian camera that didn’t work right, but which made a few passable images anyway. Read Zenit ET

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2 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    Love the Nick Collingwood entry. I’ve seen a few of those back in the day, and like the Speed Graphic, were considered indestructible (well, at least always fixable). Love the pix of people too….

    • I look at those cameras and think “so much complication” and move on. But you can’t deny they make stunning images (in capable hands).

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