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πŸ’» The pandemic has affected us all, and I’ll bet few of us have tried to fully unpack just exactly how yet. Shawna LeMay is one who’s tried. It starts, and ends, with a bar cart. Read This is the Story

Decorated for autumn
Yashica-12, Fujifilm Velvia 50, 2020

πŸ’» Things aren’t as bad as they seem, says Kevin Drum with some statistics to back it up. Read Here is the state of America circa 2021

πŸ’» In New York City, they’ve added a dedicated bike lane to the multi-deck Brooklyn Bridge. What’s interesting about this post by Don Friedman is this historic imagery, including video, of the bridge. Read Both Well-Known and New

πŸ“· I’ve enjoyed Fujifilm Velvia 50 every time I’ve tried it, but it does demand certain conditions for best results. Alex Luyckx reviews this film and details those conditions. Read Film Review Blog No. 75 – Fujifilm Velvia 50

πŸ“· arh tries the Minolta Dynax 500si, aka the Maxxum 400si. It’s a plastic 1990s SLR crammed with features. Read The Amiable Minolta 500si

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  1. Andy Umbo says:

    Interesting review on Velvia film, and it sounds like he both loved and hated it, which is sort of the way I feel. Definitely a “no” film for skin tones or any subject that’s going to be primarily people, and a “yes” film for landscapes. It was actually one of the first E-6 films to be tested sharper than Kodachrome, but he neglects to mention that Kodachrome ‘s actual developing process was far more archival and impervious to fading and change than any E-6 film. If you’re a film shooter, use it before we lose it!

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