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Despite whittling my collection down to about 50 cameras, I still have more than I can use. I hate to see good gear just sit on the shelf, so I’m parting ways with more cameras. Read all about them on my For Sale page, but here’s the Cliff’s Notes:

Olympus XA2
  • Olympus XA2
  • Aires Viscount
  • Kodak Retina IIc
  • Kodak Retina IIa
  • Kodak Retinette
  • Sears Tower Flash 120

I have described these cameras as accurately as I can. But because things do go wrong, I warrant my cameras for 60 days against serious defect that I didn’t disclose in the listing.

To read more about these cameras and to buy a camera, click through to my For Sale page.


6 thoughts on “Cameras for sale

  1. The “shipped free anywhere in North America” will make these all losses for you, Jim; sending even a small package to Canada will cost more than the asking price!

  2. That’s a nice looking lot of cameras. I really don’t need any more, but the Retinas are always tempting. Chris Sherlock has an amazing collection of youtube videos on repairing all the Retinas as well as some other brands. I think I’ve used his instructions to tune up all the Retinas I have.

    • My Retinas are both well used. The IIc functioned perfectly the last time I used it. The IIa needs a solid CLA. I have iffy motor control, especially for fine work, so I generally leave the repairs to the experts.

      What I’d like is to find a like-new IIa that’s already been on Chris Sherlock’s bench. At this point I’d pay the big bucks for that. For decades my MO has been to buy cheap and hope for the best, but now there is a small number of cameras that I’m willing to invest in because I know I’ll be happy to own them for the long term.

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