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πŸ’» Labor Day was Monday, and if you’re older than a certain age, you remember when Jerry Lewis owned that holiday. Television writer Ken Levine remembers, too. Read I miss Jerry

National Road west of Dunreith
Canon PowerShot S95, 2021

πŸ“° Men are skipping college in record numbers, and it’s creating an education gap. The Wall Street Journal reports, uncovering some reasons why. Read A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: β€˜I Just Feel Lost’

πŸ’» Aaron Renn points out — and notes it’s not being widely reported — that the pandemic-style rule by executive order is not popular anywhere along the political spectrum by everyday people. Read The Unpopularity of Rule by Emergency Decree

πŸ’» Your best bet is not to share or retweet that news story, because our confirmation bias is probably behind it, and it could be spreading misinformation. Mike Masnick has a good example to share. Read The Role of Confirmation Bias In Spreading Misinformation

πŸ“· Paul Lovell takes a quick look a the Ihagee Exa, an early SLR with a top shutter speed of 1/150 sec. Read Ihagee Exa

πŸ“· Did you know that Kodak made a genuine TLR after the war? Not one of those pseudo-TLRs, one where the viewing lens focused with the taking lens. Juliet Schwab has the review. Read Kodak Reflex II Review — A Rollei Competitor at a Tenth the Price?

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6 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    As a long term TLR aficionado, and with all the searching for old cameras I’ve done in my entire life, and in all the different cities I’ve lived in; I think I’ve only seen one of those premium Kodak twin lenses! I looked at it, but the copy I saw had a jammed shutter and they were asking a ridiculous amount of money, so I just passed. I always wondered if they just never had a market niche. This review certainly sounds like it’s a camera worth trying!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I need to put one of those Kodak Reflexes on my to-try list. I love my Yashica TLRs; I should try TLRs from other makers too.

      1. Andy Umbo Avatar
        Andy Umbo

        You should try my favorite: The Minolta Autocord!

      2. tbm3fan Avatar

        You may have noticed in comments that I have three. Only one II with the Anastar, a I with the Anastar, and a I with the Anastigmat. Got them 20 years ago for under $25 each. All in nice condition with functional shutters, As I said in the article the teeth on the focusing wheels can wear especially when the grease hardens and one tries to force them to turn. The II skips all the way through with no engagement. The I Anastar will partially skip if not careful. The Anastigmat focuses smooth. It’s only issue is they removing the four grub screws leaves with a ring that so far is impossible to budge to adjust focus or switch over to the Reflex II. Yet with two Autocords, Diacords, Yashicas, besides minor brands can’t say I am in straights. However I am not giving up with that I and fine tuning it’s focus. The Reflex II is harder to find and they want at least $100 for one. No way…

  2. Paul Hoppe Photography Avatar

    Good idea to avoid sharing news stories. What I end up doing is saying that I read something interesting or that may opinion might have changed about something and maybe, if you are interested, you can look the topic up for yourself.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’m okay with thoughtfully sharing stories, but it’s this blind sharing out of our confirmation bias that is dangerous.

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