Ride Across Indiana

Ride Across Indiana: 150 miles and done

On Day 4, I made it as far as Terre Haute, but declared the trip over about 7 miles short of the Illinois line due to rain.

On an old alignment of US 40 near Reelsville.

Rain at least threatened all day. As the day continued, it stopped threatening and started raining. The rain really picked up as I worked my way through Brazil and was quite heavy when I reached Terre Haute. Not only were my brakes ineffective, but my handlebar grips were too slippery to hold.

But I declare victory anyway. I still rode 150 miles, give or take, in four days.

The McKinley House near Harmony.

I deeply enjoyed riding the old concrete alignments of US 40 in Putnam County and seeing the old homes and barns all along the route. Despite the rain I had good energy and spirits.

Sonka’s, a Terre Haute institution.

In Terre Haute I rode to my old friend Michael’s. Margaret came along to get me and Michael, his wife Merrie, Margaret, and I went out for dinner and drinks at a favorite place from the years I lived in Terre Haute. Then we headed home.

I’ll have more to tell about this trip in posts to come, after I’ve had some time to process the photographs and process my thoughts and feelings.


15 thoughts on “Ride Across Indiana: 150 miles and done

  1. Well done! You will sleep well tonight! In your honour I got my bike out of the shed today, pumped up the tyres and went for a ride (about five miles). I am out of practice and my legs were talking to me by the time I got home, but I think I will start alternating riding and walking for exercise now summer is approaching. :) It will take some time I think to get to a level of fitness where I could contemplate riding all day. I salute you!!

  2. With the moderate to heavy rain I was seeing, I was afraid that you might have had to scrub mission before reaching the Haute. I’m glad to see that you made it after all. I look forward to reading more about it.

  3. Steve Bryan says:

    Congratulations. Glad you had a successful journey. Look forward to seeing photographs and reading details when published.

  4. Hi Jim, Congratulations on completing your trip! Quite an adventure what with rain, puntures and all! I’m sure once you’ve had a good rest and a beer or three, you’ll look back fondly on it! All bet wishes Andy

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