Ride Across Indiana

Ride Across Indiana: Light winds and flat roads

Sunny skies and light winds characterized my second day. I encountered few hills and only minor issues with the bike. All in all, it was a pleasant, if uneventful, day.

I began by riding an original alignment that begins in Dunreith, where I overnighted. Except for the occasional dog that barked at this stranger rolling by, this was the most peaceful time of my day.

Soon I reached Knightstown, which was surprisingly choked with traffic. There is construction on nearby I-70; perhaps some traffic bailed off onto the older highway. Beyond Knightstown the highway offered few hills but many typical Indiana scenes.

Greenfield isn’t too far down the road and I reached it at about noon, so I stopped on the courthouse square for lunch. Then I pressed on. Along the way I stopped a couple times to adjust some things on the bike for smooth operation.

When I reached Cumberland, a small town on the border with Indianapolis, I took a detour. I wasn’t excited about heavy traffic amid scenery of strip malls, so I rode south a quarter mile or so to the Pennsy Trail, a rail trail on the bed of the former Pennsylvania Railroad. I rode it all the way to the Irvington neighborhood in Indianapolis, where I rode back up to the National Road and followed it all the way to my Airbnb Downtown. West of Irvington the neighborhood isn’t the greatest, so I didn’t stop for photos.


8 thoughts on “Ride Across Indiana: Light winds and flat roads

  1. I wondered how you planned to deal with heavy urban traffic through Indianapolis, and you seem to have found a good plan. It sounds like the knee and back have settled in for you? I hope so.

  2. Charlie Audritsh says:

    Wow Jim! Already halfway! Congratulations! I imagined this trek would take a lot longer than a week! Hope your knee is cooperating.

  3. Tony Dillon says:

    Yeah, I-70 between Knightstown and the rest stops is a real mess right now, so a lot of traffic has been diverting over to 40. Glad you made it through!

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