Rain across Indiana delays the Ride Across Indiana

I was going to be leaving Terre Haute this morning, heading east on the National Road toward Ohio. But I’ve changed my plans. What was going to be a dry week has turned out to have a soggy beginning all along the route, and I want to minimize riding in the rain. Part of the point of this tour is to see and photograph the National Road, and I won’t want to get my camera out in a downpour. Also, thunderstorms bring lightning and I would be exposed. Finally, my bike’s brakes don’t work great when they’re wet.

Image courtesy Weather Underground

So I’ll start on Wednesday morning instead, and ride through Saturday. I’ve also changed the start of the trip to Richmond, within line of sight of the Ohio border. I had to do this because of hotel availability. There’s exactly one hotel anywhere near the midpoint between Indianapolis and Richmond, and it’s in tiny Dunreith. Starting in Terre Haute on Wednesday put me in Dunreith on Friday — and the hotel was full. Starting in Richmond on Wednesday puts me in Dunreith later that day — and the hotel had a room for me.

I had been plotting and scheming this trip’s original itinerary for a long time, and had come to pre-imagine how the whole ride would go. This late change resets and refreshes everything for me and I think perhaps I will experience the ride with fresh eyes. The National Road is best experienced westbound anyway, as this road was built to open the United States to what was then its west. Finally, I’ll get to cap my ride arriving in Terre Haute, a town I lived in for nine formative younger years and for which I still feel affection. My close friend Michael still lives there after all these years, and has offered a shower at the end of the route and a beer at my favorite Terre Haute pub when my wife arrives to pick me up.

1920s guide to grade and terrain on US 40 between Indianapolis and Terre Haute

It also helps a lot that the terrain slopes gently downhill, overall, on the Indianapolis to Terre Haute portion of the trip. It doesn’t help, however, that this is also the hilliest terrain of the trip and I’ll be approaching it with two and three days of mounting trip fatigue. In contrast, the portion from Richmond to Indianapolis, which I’ll ride first, is largely flat.

I’m pleased that the high temperatures will be in the low 80s. That’ll make for pleasant riding.


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  1. Greg Clawson Avatar
    Greg Clawson

    Sounds like a good plan Jim, prayers for a safe journey.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


  2. brandib1977 Avatar

    Sounds like a great plan. I’m excited to read your dispatches from this adventure.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ll write short ones from the road this week but will probably write longer ones with the photos for weeks to come after that!

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        I will look forward to it!

  3. Jan Avatar

    I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. Have a safe trip. I’m curious to know what your favorite watering hole is in Terre Haute, though. Have a wonderful time.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Sonka’s, with Charlie’s being a close second. Hard to believe both are still in business 30 years later.

      1. Michael Avatar

        Sonka’s has better overall beer selection still, but you can’t get a Tweety there. ;) Plus we can easily walk to Charlie’s and they have also expanded their parking and outdoor area. See you Saturday regardless of which you choose.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          I could be convinced for Charlie’s! I’ve just been talking Sonka’s up to Margaret and they probably have Guinness on tap, which is Margaret’s favorite.

        2. Michael Avatar

          Charlie’s usually has Guiness on tap as well. http://www.thecharliespubandgrub.com/new-page/
          Or we could do both – problem solved! :)

    2. Jim Lucas Avatar
      Jim Lucas

      Sonka’s is an institution that has survived.

  4. Khürt Williams Avatar

    I look forward forward to seeing and reading about your adventure Jim. Alas, my wife has stated very forcefully that I am never to ride the bicycle outside of the streets of the neighbourhood. 😢

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Hunh, I would never have made this trip were it not for my wife’s encouragement!

  5. J P Avatar

    Downhill is always better!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


  6. Bill Avatar

    I am quite familiar with travel plans on the go. I applaud your initiative to do this trip. I hope all goes well. All the best to you !!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you!

  7. adventurepdx Avatar

    Good luck on the bike tour!

    As for saving the hilly for the end, you’ll probably be more warmed up for it by that point. Starting with hilly can fatigue you in other ways.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Relieved to learn that from you!

  8. Roger Meade Avatar
    Roger Meade

    Well, the downhill should make up for going against the prevailing wind westbound.

    I must say I would much prefer 60’s to 80’s for peddling. I would sweat like the devil in 80’s, but I guess that’s why I’m a Yooper!

    Have a great ride. Can’t wait to hear the stories.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Fortunately the forecast calls for wind to be from the NE or E on my trip – whew!

  9. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    I was wondering about your progress! Looking forward to your despatches :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


  10. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

    Sounds rewarding. I wish just for this that I still lived in Indiana so I could have joined you for the bike ride.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It was a long trip, and day 3 through hilly Putnam County about did me in, but it was worth it!

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