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The last weekend in August! I’m preparing today to leave for my Ride Across Indiana tomorrow. I’ll ride from where old US 40 fades away near the Illinois state line (right here) and head east. I’m staying in Terre Haute Sunday night, Cloverdale Monday night, Indianapolis Tuesday night, Dunreith Wednesday night, and Richmond Thursday night. Margaret is dropping me off at one end and picking me up at the other!

Balloon inflating
Canon PowerShot S95, 2021

💻 A long time ago I listened to the Dr. Laura Schlesinger radio program, and she introduced to me a useful heuristic: is someone’s bad behavior a one-off, or is it a pattern? The former you forgive instantly, the latter should force you to change your relationship with the other. Stewie picks up this thread with his own spin. Read Is this a Pattern or an Exception (It’s Probably an Exception)

💻 We all have potential — some of us great potential. To not work toward it is to deprive the world. Lawrence Yeo expounds. Read There’s Nothing More Real Than Your Potential

💻 Open spaces on the Internet generally get overrun by con men, but they sure can be profitable for the owners. Curated, high-trust spaces, in contrast, are more satisfying to use but don’t soar to Internet heights. Seth Godin still favors the latter. Read The inevitable decline of fully open platforms

📷 Shawn Granton puts a 1990s Olympus point-and-shoot through its paces. Read Another Olympus: Superzoom 160

📷 A medium format SLR from the 1930s? Sure, why not! Nigel H. found one, called the Pilot 6, and gave it a try. Read Temped by an early medium format SLR

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13 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    I am looking forward to following your journey! Stay safe along the way….

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks! I awoke to a very different weather forecast which calls for consistent rain Monday and Tuesday so I’m recalculating the trip.

  2. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Good luck on your ride! On the three speed, I hope!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      On the three speed! I awoke to a very different weather forecast which calls for consistent rain Monday and Tuesday so I’m deciding whether to press on or delay a couple days.

  3. Ward Fogelsanger Avatar
    Ward Fogelsanger

    Have a great ride. There used to be a big nice single story house where “new 40” split from old 40 there. I remember I think in July ‘64 we drove to Boy Scout camp at Camp Krietenstein one Sunday and on the way home the next Sunday it was gone as they had started the construction of I 70 at that spot…

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      There are some great aerials of this spot at this site that show some of the progression:

  4. NigelH Avatar

    Good luck with the ride! And thank you for the the inclusion what is probably the most coveted of lists on the internet (I see it as a real achievement)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Well goodness! I’m just a little blog here in a dusty corner of the Internet. I’m just persistent, is all.

      1. NigelH Avatar

        It’s an elite club :)

  5. Greg Clawson Avatar
    Greg Clawson

    Have a safe trip Jim!
    As we get older, we need to step outside our comfort zones and just do it. Even if it means getting a little wet. That’s much better than having regrets later of adventures we missed.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’m probably delaying the trip by a few days to miss the rain. It’s just too dangerous to ride in the rain – my brakes won’t work very well and there might be nowhere to get away from lightning.

  6. Jerome Avatar

    Be safe, and enjoy your adventure!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Jerome!

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