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💻 Scott Aaronson talks about those mid-level bureaucrats who follow the rules because they’re the rules, even when to do so flies in the face of empathetic humanity. Read On blankfaces

Your face here 2
Pentax ME, 55mm f/2 SMC Pentax-M, Kentmere 100, 2017

💻 It’s so hard to take a compliment (unless you’re a narcissist). The Oatmeal explains why. Read Why it breaks your brain to take a compliment

📷 Few new color films are introduced these days, so it’s a big deal when it happens. Stephen Dowling shoots a roll of the new Silberra Color 160 film and shows the results. Read First roll: Silberra Color 160

📷 It’s a Miranda camera because a department store bought the name and slapped it on, but that doesn’t make it a true Miranda camera. Yet arh pronounces it good anyway in his review. Read Miranda MS-2 Super

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6 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. DougD says:

    The compliment thing was amusing, my wife cannot take a compliment.

    I try to be straightforward, say thank you and either return a compliment or state a fact.

  2. I tried out that Silberra (in the 100 version) and found it “interesting”, though with a definite magenta cast. I wouldn’t mind trying it again, but the lack of availability and high price (more than or equal to Portra) doesn’t make it that likely. Sigh. Guess I’ll be sticking with Kodak…

    • I’m not that drawn to the “alternative” color films because none of them have a look that really grabs me. That’s why I stick with Kodak (and Fuji)!

      • I’ve never tried any of the alternative color film as they don’t appeal to me right now, but maybe at some point? I don’t think Silberra is “supposed” to be alternative, it just comes out that way. But yeah, until there becomes a viable alternative, I’m sticking with Kodak and Fuji. (And Cinestill and Lomography, which is just Kodak anyway)

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