Johnson Co Courthouse

Johnson County Courthouse
Kodak EasyShare Z730

This is another long-ago image I liked enough to add to my Flickr album of my favorite photos. As of today, 620 images are in that album. I’m slowly printing them all on 8×10 paper to keep in an archival storage box.

The main reason I’m doing this is for my children after I’m gone. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs and I can’t imagine them wanting to sort through them all on my computer’s hard drive, or in the boxes where I keep my negatives.

But they all know how central my photography has been in my life, and I feel sure they will like having a small, hand-selected, printed subset of my work. They might take a few of their favorites to remember me by and discard the rest. That’d be fine by me.

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4 responses to “single frame: Johnson County Courthouse”

  1. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    Printing and archiving. A great idea! I am in the process of combing through years of my photographs, deciding which ones to enlarge, frame and display in my home. I am going to be blogging about this process soon.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I wish I had enough wall space to show all of the photos I want! I already own a fair amount of art and it fills the walls.

  2. retrocrank Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot: If those we leave have really no chance of looking through all of our film-based residuals (and I confess I’ve hardly looked through all of the slides and prints my father made), what in the world will happen with the digital ephemera the digital photographer generates? Just based on my own limited use of digital for family snapshots, my guess is for your 10000 negatives, your digital doppelganger will leave 100,000 images – and I believe that’s a very conservative underestimate! – for his descendents.

    A hard copy album sounds like an excellent idea. Time to fire up the enlarger………

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      So many images lost. I suppose it’s just the new natural order of things.

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