single frame: Happy face in the rear view

Gracie in the rear view

Happy face in the rear view
Kodak EasyShare Z730

This photo is a very happy memory. At the height of my road-trip days I usually brought my dog, Gracie, along. She loved to go! I saw this happy look on her face in my rear-view mirror all the time when we’d take to the road.

When we made this trip, in October of 2008, we’d lost Gracie’s constant companion, Sugar, just a couple months before. Gracie was deeply bonded to Sugar and really came apart after Sugar died.

Taking to the road always raised both Gracie’s and my spirits. We went on a lot of road trips in those days. This was the year I surveyed the Michigan Road from end to end over several spring and summer Saturdays. I had wrapped up that trip at the end of August, shortly after Sugar died.

Gracie and I were well overdue for a road trip when we made our next, and last, trip of the year on that October Saturday. We explored Indiana State Road 42, which begins just southwest of Indianapolis in Mooresville, and leads to Terre Haute. It parallels I-70 and US 40, but as a narrow two-lane highway with lots of 90-degree turns, it’s a far less convenient route. But Gracie and I had a wonderful day together, out exploring. We were both in our happy place.

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5 responses to “single frame: Happy face in the rear view”

  1. brandib1977 Avatar

    What a wonderful photo and memory! I intended for Scout to be a road tripping buddy but he has proven himself to be a homebody. It’s wonderful you were able to take her along and give her such joy!!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      While Sugar was alive I used to bring both dogs! Here they are on one road trip or another.

      I was quite a sight, walking through some small town with a camera in my hand and a Rottweiler and a Chow/Golden on a leash.

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        Haha. They look like great pals and I’m sure you were a sight to behold. There was no blending in with these pups in tow!

  2. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    What a great photo Jim! Gracie looks so happy!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That was such a good day!

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