Sycamore Row

When I took that Friday off not long ago and spent some of it driving up the Michigan Road, my destination was Sycamore Row. The site got a new historic marker in April, and I wanted to see it.

Sycamore Row

Sycamore Row has become for me much like the covered bridge at Bridgeton was when I was in my 20s: a peaceful place to visit when I need to restore my spirit. I enjoy the drive along a road that has become so familiar to me. When I arrive, I walk the length of this old alignment and enjoy these old trees, the quiet broken only by the zoom of the occasional passing car.

Sycamore Row

A small band of dedicated Carroll County preservationists and historians cares for the Sycamores. Every now and then they plant new trees, as many of the old ones have died and have been removed. You can see some of the trees they just planted along the left side of this photo.

Sycamore Row

The old trees that remain have great character: craggy, twisted. With any luck, I’ll live long enough to see the saplings grow to take on similar character.

Sycamore Row

One last look down this lane before we go.

Sycamore Row

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7 responses to “Stopping to see the Sycamores”

  1. Lone Primate Avatar

    That’s really charming. Shame the reroute is so close to it, but that’s how it goes, I guess. About how long would you say that walk is, Jim?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      100 yards? Not very long.

  2. M.B. Henry Avatar

    Wow that looks amazing! Adding it to my list of Indiana places to explore

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It’ll be a pretty good haul for you, an hour and a half or more! But if you’re ever out Logansport way, head south on 29 to see the sycamores.

      1. M.B. Henry Avatar

        I do love the road trips :)

  3. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    Lovely spot!

  4. Herb Jones Avatar
    Herb Jones

    Remember the Sycamores growing up and in to the sixties we lived in Burlington and would travel almost every weekend to my uncle’s house in Logansport to visit so pretty to drive beween them.

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