Old farmstead

Old farmstead
Sears KSX-P
50mm f/1.7 Auto Sears MC
Foma Fomapan 400
L110, Dilution B

The subdivision where I live used to be a farm, run by the Ottinger family. I know the family’s name only because the park at the center of our subdivision is named for the family, and a sign posted there tells a little of the story.

When you enter our subdivision at its main entrance, an old farmhouse stands on the right. A family still lives there; who knows, it might still be the Ottingers. This is their driveway and some of their outbuildings.

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single frame: Old farmstead

What is probably the original farmstead of the farm that became the subdivision I live in.


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  1. Hello! First of all I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and have done for a while. In fact you are one of the inspirations for me finally getting around to starting my own blog, something I’ve been going to do for years! I have a small links page, to which I have taken the liberty of adding a link to your blog – if you would rather I didn’t and would like me to remove, then of course I shall right away. Thanks again for all your enjoyable content over the years – it actually does encourage my photography! All my very best wishes Andy (www.andysphotoblog.org)

    • Andy, the beauty of the Web is that anything you find on it, you’re free to link to it! I added your blog to my feed reader. I’m pleased that my blogging inspired yours!

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