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💻 Chad Kohalyk recently visited Nagasaki, Japan. He tells its story and shares photos that give a good sense of the place. He also shares a photo of Japan’s oldest stone-arch bridge, built in 1634. Read The Bridges of Nagasaki

Bridge and Dam
Canon PowerShot S95, 2011

💻 How do you live the life you want, as much as you can? This preoccupies Johanna Rothman, who thinks up all sorts of ways to create happiness and satisfaction. She thinks about towards and away moves: towards a life of greater satisfaction, and away from regrets. Read How Can You Use Your Projected Last Moment to Create a Great Present Moment?

📷 The Yashica-A was Yashica’s entry-level TLR with simple specs, but fine glass. Paul Lovell reviews it and judges it good. Read Yashica-A TLR

📷 Dan Cuny looks at the Nikon 28Ti, a luxury compact 35mm camera. It’s the sibling to the more famous Nikon 35Ti. Read Nikon 28Ti Camera

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  1. Andy Umbo says:

    WOW, the jump to Paul Sokk’s site from Paul Lovell’s entry is one of the most comprehensive Yashica TLR sites I’ve ever seen! I’m a big TLR fan (my favorite was the Minolta Autocord, had 5 at one time!), but also love the Yashicas; plenty to read here!

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