Sale price on my two photo books

I’ve reduced the price of my two photo books. Each is now available for just $12.99.

I published both of these books through, which takes a huge cut. At this price, I’m making only a couple bucks per book. I just want to put more copies into peoples’ hands, as both books are lovely and deserve to be seen!

Exceptional Ordinary: Everyday Photography with the Pentax ME

Exceptional images can be made with even the most ordinary 35mm SLR. The Pentax ME certainly qualifies as ordinary, with its middling specifications and features. Yet I’ve done some of my best work with this camera and the great Pentax lenses that mount on it, and I want to share some of that work with you.

Preview the book here.
Click here to buy the book on Blurb for $12.99.

Textures of Ireland

When I shot black-and-white film on a long visit to Ireland, I had no idea it would yield photographs so rich in detail you want to touch them. In my book, when you do touch the photos you will be surprised that your fingers can’t feel the textures.

Preview the book here.
Click here to buy the book on Blurb for $12.99.


5 responses to “Sale price on my two photo books”

  1. Kurt Ingham Avatar
    Kurt Ingham

    These are marvelous little books.
    BUY THEM – you won’t regret it!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Your commission check is in the mail! ;-)

  2. Michael Avatar

    Can I just get an autographed copy direct from the author/photographer? :) Though I doubt you carry “inventory”.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I don’t carry inventory – I do print on demand. But I’m happy to order them, sign them, and gift them to you, my friend!

      1. Michael Avatar

        I actually have the Pentax one already awaiting your signature. I’ll pick up the Ireland one then and it can wait on you as well.

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