The view from Crown Hill

Indianapolis from Crown Hill
Canon PowerShot S95

This is the view from the highest elevation in Indianapolis. This spot is inside the sprawling Crown Hill Cemetery — indeed, this spot is atop Crown Hill itself. That’s where Indiana’s poet, James Whitcomb Riley, is buried.

Indianapolis’s skyline isn’t as rich as that of more major cities, but it is distinctive. The tallest building is Salesforce Tower, previously Chase Tower, previously Bank One Tower, originally American Fletcher Tower.


single frame: Indianapolis from Crown Hill

A view of Indianapolis from the highest elevation in the city.


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  1. I got lost in here driving to find the three statues from the old courthouse (two are easy, and one is placed randomly). After a couple of hours of wandering and running perilously low on gas, I called the office. “Hi, I’m…lost…inside the cemetery. Send help!”

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