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💻 Have you been doing your thing so long you forget some of the things you know? Hamish Gill reflects on the joy of picking up something entirely new and having to learn the basics from scratch. Read Remembering what it is to be a “Novice” & Reflecting on the Arrogance of Experience

The barn on Sycamore Hill
Minolta SR-T 101, Fujicolor 200, MC Rokkor-PF 50mm f/1.7, 2012

💻 Do you wish you owned nicer things? Perhaps it’s because advertising is teaching us to be dissatisfied with what we have. Nicholas Stewart explains. Read We Are Trained To Be Dissatisfied

📷 As he contemplates his large collection of Minolta cameras, Jerome Carter realizes he’s not gone off the deep end. Yet. Read The Stages of Minolta Collecting

📷 arhphotographic puts film through Fuji’s final M42 screw-mount SLR, the AZ-1. Read Fujica AZ-1

📷 What’s all the Instax buzz about? Faddishness for sure — but also far better image quality than the new Polaroid. James Tocchio looks at the Instax Square SQ1 and the great sharpness and color it delivers. Read Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 Review — Simple, Square, Instant Photography

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9 thoughts on “Recommended reading

    • The barn belongs to my buddy Kurt, my co-founder of the Historic Michigan Road Association. He bought this great I-house just off the road north of Plymouth and this barn is on the property. He’s had it re-roofed since I shot this, but I haven’t been up to see. I hope the pattern was reproduced!

  1. Good morning, Jim. Glad you liked the post! You may wish to know since writing it, I bought a black SR-T 101 and a black XD11. The XD11 came with three lenses, all in boxes with serial numbers. I refuse to contemplate what that might mean…

    Love that barn image—Rokkor colors!

    • Danger, Will Robinson! :-)

      I try to choose an image for Recommended Reading every week that has something to do with one of the linked articles. This week it was easy! I passed that SR-T kit on to a new owner during Operation Thin the Herd and it is one of the very few cameras I sort of miss. That MC Rokkor PF lens was a genuine gem. But the fellow who got it is making excellent use of it, far more and better than I, so no regrets.

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