A real haircut during the pandemic

As of yesterday, Indiana is making the coronavirus vaccine available to every Hoosier aged 50 and older. I signed up as soon as I found out. I get the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on St. Patrick’s Day.

Nails and Hair

I originally planned to wait until I was vaccinated before I did what I did last week: I went to get a haircut.

I had been cutting my own hair. Buzzing it, rather: 3/8 inch on the sides, 3/4 inch on the top. Where top and sides met, I blended it as best I could. Hair that short isn’t my favorite look, especially since it reveals how much my hair has thinned on top. But that cut always grew out all right. I made this photo about eight weeks after one of my buzz cuts.

Mirror selfie

I didn’t want to face another buzz cut. I’ve had enough of them! Even when they grew out, I couldn’t style my hair as I prefer. I have no idea how to do what a pro stylist does. I was so ready to look like myself again!

Infection rates have fallen dramatically both across Indiana and in my county, and mask and social-distancing mandates are still in place here. I decided that for my next haircut, I would take the risk and go see a stylist.

It felt at once strange and normal to sit in the stylist’s chair. I chose a walk-in place near my home and got a stylist I’d never used before. I’ve had better haircuts, but his cut was still far better than any I’ve given myself.

With the rate of vaccination increasing, I hope that sometime this summer events like a haircut become commonplace again.


32 thoughts on “A real haircut during the pandemic

  1. Darts and Letters says:

    My s/o gave me a haircut a couple of weeks ago right at home in the kitchen, she had gotten a special kit of scissors and did some internet research. She was nervous but I told her to relax, that the worst case scenario , I would just shave my head for the first time in my life and I promised to be a good sport about it. She ended up doing a marvelous job, in all seriousness! I couldn’t believe how good it looked! I was so dang pleased and now I feel like I might never pay for another haircut again but she disagrees and is not interested in continuing her services, haha

    I’m so glad you’re getting immunized really soon!

  2. davepowell01 says:

    Congratulations Jim! By the luck of the draw, I had my first Moderna vaccination Monday. And the only side effect I experienced was minimal soreness near the injection site. One of Boston’s local news stations reviewed CDC statistics, which seemed to indicate that 64% of people who get Pfizer report side effects, while 36% of Moderna recipients report them. Our tax accountant just told us that she too had no side effects after her first Moderna. Something to look forward to perhaps!

  3. DougD says:

    Lucky man! My wife just got the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday, but she’s a health care professional who sees 50 immuno-compromised patients per week.
    Still no vaccines for civilians here, we’re hoping 83 year old Dad can get it soon.

    My wife has been buzzing my hair for over 20 years. 1 inch on the top and she’s pretty good at blending the sides. I figure she’s the one who has to look at it every day so it can’t be that bad.

  4. Andy Umbo says:

    Jim, this entry makes me laugh! I’ve only gotten three cuts since the pandemic began, I usually get one a month! I would only go early in the AM when no one else was at the stylist, and they wore a mask as well as myself, and I held it on when they had to trim around the ears! I can’t tell you how much I needed those cuts! I got my second dose of Pfizer last week, so first thing this week, I got a cut! Still masked up!

    Wisconsin is only on the 65 and up spot, and altho not done, they opened it up to all teachers this week! I had zero reactions! Indiana sounds pretty good if they’re opening it up to 50 and above!

    Congrats on getting a pro “do”, and just a quick stop by Tootsie Nails and you’ll be all done!

    • It’s strange that Indiana appears to be so on it right now. Our government is not normally a paragon of leadership and efficiency!

  5. Dani says:

    I have to admit, in spite of our commitment to social distancing, I’ve been getting my hair cut regularly since my salon re-opened in June. They’ve done an amazing job at keeping the customers and stylists safe as they can. Cut schedules in half, used every other booth, open 6 days a week instead of 5 to make up for cutting schedules, masks required and that’s not just a sign on the door… Late last April, I got a hold of my husband’s clippers and gave myself a new do. My stylist was actually impressed. I’ve stayed with the style. She does a better than I did, so I’ll keep my day job.

    • My mom has been getting her hair done all along, too, and her salon sounds like they’ve taken the same good care yours has. I think that if I still had my long hair I might have gone a different direction than I did. But with the frankly simple style I wear, I figured that buzzing my head for a while was fine.

  6. I call mine the Covid cut. I have used different methods including scissors (disaster) and my dog shearing kit (better) that is unwieldy and as soon as it is turned on sends my dogs off to the nearest hideout. I now use a cheap Panasonic with different length combs I purchased at CVS and it works best. I haven’t used a mirror to see the back of my head, cutting it entirely by feel. Last week I did mistakenly take too much off in one spot, leading to a shorter recovery cut to fix things. The worst part is the hair that niggles down inside of my shirt and itches to no end. Kojak had the right idea!

  7. I am a Registered Nurse and over 65, so my wife and I got both doses of Moderna immunizations about a month ago. Florida has been partly open for a while but my hair got as long as it has been since college and when I get it cut, keep it longish. For those not down with the hippie look, the Flowbee is an easy, do-it-yourself device for fantastic, even haircuts. It attaches to the vacuum cleaner so clean up is a snap,

  8. I’ve had a few hair cuts and even highlights done once (which takes a long time) in the last year. My lady has a small grandson with health issues so she is super cautious and I feel good being there.

    My first cut was last June and it simply had to happen. I was overdue for a cut in March when things closed down and in bad shape by the time salons reopened. It’s a strange sensation, that sense of normalcy – even when we’re all masked, sanitized and not normal at all.

    Glad you braved it and went for professional help!

    • Yes! That weird not-normal normal we’ve occasionally had. Like the time Margaret and I sat in 50 degree weather on a restaurant’s patio, shivering in heavy coats to enjoy a dinner.

  9. Michael says:

    You’d think I was in the military. I buzz mine every 2 weeks. I had meant to make a comment about your flowing black mane when you exited your vehicle on that video I shot on our National Road trip. I doubt I’ll see you like that again!

  10. Scott Bennett says:

    I was due for a cut when the pandemic hit, so I ended up going from Jan 3 to May 8. I’m rather bald on top, so beyond a certain point I really don’t like how it looks. Stylists are professionally licensed, and they take great care with Covid precautions. I bet they are responsible for very little, if any, of the spread.

    • I’ve read that a stylist who had COVID but didn’t know it didn’t give it to anyone in her chair because of all the precautions.

  11. Interesting to read this as I’ve chosen not to cut my own hair at all. I’d rather it was done professionally. Thing is I’m getting rather hairy which is weird for me as I normally have it short. Sounds like we are having the same challenges here in England as you are, well, similar at least.

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