Collecting Cameras

Film cameras in use

Sometimes when I have film in a camera, I photograph it with my phone. I’m not sure why. But I was happy to see these photos when I reviewed all the images I made with my iPhone 6s to write a forthcoming review.

Pentax ME
Olympus Trip 35
Olympus OM-1
Nikon Nikomat FTn

Three of these photos were taken on my desk at work. Sometimes people notice my old cameras and say something, but mostly they don’t. Every now and again I discover a kindred film spirit this way, and that’s always nice.

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22 thoughts on “Film cameras in use

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    First thing that came to mind when seeing these photos was my remembrance of how heavy those Nikormats were!

    • I do sometimes have more than one camera loaded. I might be putting test rolls through one or two, and then load another to do a specific shoot with it. I use whatever film stock feels right for the job. I have Fuji Superia X-tra 400 in an auto-everything SLR I’m testing right now, for example; it felt like a good match. But if you handed me an old MF folder to test I’d probably use Ilford FP4+.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Thank you. The reason I ask the question is that I’m currently using one set of chemicals for black and white film. Another developer for my printing that I’ve just started. But with spring not so far away I was going to start with colour and another set of chemicals. I wonder if that my be too much for my brain to keep track of ???

    • I have decided not to move into color processing, not for the foreseeable future. I can have the camera shop downtown develop and scan a roll for a very reasonable $10, with 24-hour turnaround. During the pandemic I mail my color to Fulltone Photo in Kentucky — costs about the same, though turnaround is slower. I shoot 75% b/w anyway. This keeps my home dev kit simple. I even plan to whittle down to the one developer I always use. At the moment I’m leaning toward HC-110.

    • Minolta made great cameras, especially SLRs (though I gather their TLRs were wonderful too). I had a lot of bad luck with them continuing to work so I sold all of my Minolta gear in Operation Thin the Herd. But now some Minolta AF SLRs have found their way into my hands.

  3. The Olympus Trip 35: A brilliant piece of engineering. I had one for a few years but decided that the two shutter speeds were a bit limiting for the pictures I take. Excellent lens!

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