Kodak folder

Old Kodak folder
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I don’t own this camera anymore. I sold it in Operation Thin the Herd. It was one of the cameras I didn’t bother to put film through one last time before selling it on.

It’s a beautiful camera with its Art Deco side styling and interesting hexagonal front plate. But its lens is only so-so. This day in 2016 was the last time I used it. I wrote about it here; if you scroll down to the last photo in that post, you’ll see that subject in the blurred background of this photo.

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single frame: Old Kodak folder

A photo of an old Kodak folding camera.


7 thoughts on “single frame: Old Kodak folder

  1. Had several like that. Miss them too, if only for their decorative aspects.
    Somewhere out there someone made an absolute fortune off my generosity of circumstances.

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