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💻 John Wreford recounts the time he was roped into a shady art deal. Apparently, those exist. Read My Short Lived Career Smuggling Art

Black Dog Books
Konica Autoreflex T3, 50mm f/1.7 Hexanon AR, Fujicolor 200, 2014

💻 The theory that we’ve become two Americas is not new, but Daniel Miessler‘s analysis is. He thinks that we will only continue to bifurcate — but perhaps we have more control over what happens to us personally than we give ourselves credit for. Read It’s Becoming Easier to Fail and Succeed

📷 Peggy Marsh takes a look at a little-known Konica SLR, the FC-1. It looks like an easy, capable shooter. Read Konica Kristmas: FC-1

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5 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Khurt Louis Williams Avatar

    I had read Daniel’s blog for years (we’re in the same industry) but I stopped reading a few years ago. His inconvenient truths were worsening my anxiety. I chose to stick my head in the sand.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, at some point you have to turnoff the spigot. Life’s too long to deal with all the anxiety outside sources can create.

  2. tbm3fan Avatar

    First, on the art story. The author was lucky given the dumb mistake he made which was getting involved with someone having drug connections. My motto has always been never trust anyone and their story until you have had a minimum of 6 months to vet them. My wife has seen this in action when I meet new people and some say he isn’t very friendly is he. She answers with he doesn’t know you well enough to do so.

    Second, on division, I feel has been greatly aided by social media which has enabled those way outside the main stream to find each other so they can reinforce their beliefs, will only get worse. I actually do miss the time when there was no internet or at the most the early internet despite it’s advantages.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, I was a little surprised he just went along. But it wouldn’t have been much of a story if he had said no!

      I remember in the Internet old days when it was mostly science, education, and a few tech companies that were on the Internet. Then AOL got on, and we all thought, “there goes the neighborhood.” We didn’t know how right we were.

  3. tbm3fan Avatar

    True about the story part. However, on the flip side if he ended up dead there wouldn’t have been a story written by him. One needs to remind John that where he was wasn’t Kansas anymore.

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