Christmas tree in Millennium Park, Chicago

Light on the Millennium Park Christmas tree
Canon PowerShot S95

After Margaret and I got married we started making long-weekend trips four times a year. One of them was always in December, and we always spent that trip in downtown Chicago. Tourists don’t visit Chicago as often during the cold months, so we always got a deal on a hotel room. Chicago is lively in December, with Christkindlmarkt in Daley Plaza, ice skating in Millennium Park, and holiday shows in many of the theaters. It was the trip I looked forward to most each year.

We didn’t go last year because Margaret changed jobs and she can’t get away — December is the busy season where she works. It’s the big reason we’re not going this year, too. But COVID-19 complicates it even more. We’ve done some traveling during this pandemic, but always in weather that allows most of our activities to be outside. In December, everything about Chicago drives you inside!

I made this photo in Millennium Park at their giant Christmas tree. My trusty Canon PowerShot S95 did a pretty good job here. The tip of the big bulb is blown out, but with shallow depth of field it pleasingly rendered the tree’s other lights.

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single frame: Light on the Millenium Park Christmas tree

Lights on a big Chicago Christmas tree.


9 thoughts on “single frame: Light on the Millenium Park Christmas tree

    • We will for sure!

      I’m talking to Margaret about renting a cabin in the woods someplace in January for a long weekend. Maybe Brown County. Maybe Tennessee; I love Tennessee. We’ll bring groceries and cook for ourselves all weekend. If the weather’s bad we’ll watch movies. If it’s good we’ll go exploring.

      • Sounds amazing. A perfect start to the new year and wonderful way to unwind after a tough year. Not to mention, those places would likely appreciate your dollars right now.

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