Autumn at the farmhouse

Autumn at the farmhouse
Minolta Maxxum 7000i, 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 Minolta AF Zoom
Fujifilm Fujicolor 200

At the rate I’m going, my review of the Minolta Maxxum 7000i won’t show up here until January. But I wanted to show you this photo from it now.

Within my subdivision, a few houses still lurk that predate it. This old farmhouse is one of them. I gather that this subdivision was built on land owned by the Ottinger family; was this the Ottinger farmhouse?

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single frame: Autumn at the farmhouse

A tree decked in late-autumn red guarding an old farmhouse, on Fujicolor 200.


12 thoughts on “single frame: Autumn at the farmhouse

  1. Nice shot! I love my Maxxum 7000i and the 35-70mm. There are two versions of this lens, a constant aperture f4 (first version) and the 3.5-4.5. The constant f4 is the more highly rated, and it also has a macro mode. I’ve used both and gotten sharp images. Either version is usually less than 30.00. For those who want to know more about AF Minolta gear, here is a link to a page I put together from my buying endeavors. It contains links to reviews and info on both manual and AF Minolta SLRs.

    • Ooh I didn’t know the 35-70/4 had a macro mode! I might have held out for it. I’m likely to pass on this 7000i body but I’ll keep the 35-70 for other Minolta AF bodies I come across. I am impressed with this lens: compact, useful zoom range for the kind of work I do, no discernible barrel distortion (a common bugbear of 35-70 zooms), sharp. The 7000i was a nice, easy shooter, but surprisingly heavy. At least it’s easy to carry around by the grip.

  2. Roger Meade says:

    I like that shot Jim. The only trouble with Fall is that it does not last long enough. Got to love the low angle Sun and the vibrant colors.

    I have become a fan of Minolta AF cameras. First one was a Maxxum 5000 a friend gave me about three years ago. It had the 35-70 f4 Macro. I almost told him no because I had bad luck with Pentax AF cameras. Then I bought a 7000 online for just a few bucks, and it was a keeper too, with the f1.7 prime 50mm. My favorite now is the Maxxum 5. Light weight, quick focus, east to figure out and attractive, if a bit plasticy. I even bought a used Sony Alpha 300 for a digital version. They share all the lenses, good lenses for pennies on the $. Lots of after market lenses out there too.

  3. tbm3fan says:

    Oh, my god he shot a picture using a Minolta camera and here I thought you and Minolta were a match made in hell. I must have 13 of them 7000 (5), 9000, 600si, 700si, 800si (2), 5, 7, and 70. While the majority are somewhat big and heavy, which is Ok with me generally, the 5 and 70 are not but I’d rather shoot them with my 35-70 f4 then some whiz bang P&S like the Olympus XA any day.

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