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💻 Berlin, Germany, aims to be a zero-waste city. It’s sparked a secondhand goods craze — even the major department stores are getting in on it, devoting entire floors to gently used merchandise. There’s even a giant indoor mall that sells goods culled from municipal recycling yards. (It’s called the NochMall, and if you speak German you just chuckled. Noch mal means “again.”) Klaus Sieg has the story. Read Berlin’s Second-Hand Craze Is Turning It into a ‘Zero-Waste City’

Farm scene
Canon A35F, Fujicolor 200, 2013

💻 Why do friendships sometimes end? Brett and Kate McKay mull it over. Read The 3 Reasons Friendships End

💻 Like me, you may have Zoom fatigue after so many months of meetings on it. But Om Malik says that it is our new normal — even after the pandemic ends. Read Why are we underestimating Zoom and its impact?

📷 Canon’s last Canonet camera didn’t carry the Canonet label. But it was based on the Canonet body, so it qualifies. Mike Eckman has a review. Read Canon A35 F

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