single frame: The Michigan Road in Decatur County, Indiana

Michigan Road, Decatur County, Indiana

The Michigan Road in Decatur County, Indiana
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I’m wrapping up a year as President of the Historic Michigan Road Association. My buddy and co-founder Kurt and I alternate years in the job, and it’s his turn. (We are duly elected, but everyone seems to be perfectly happy with this arrangement.)

This was my most do-nothing year as President ever. I’m neither pleased nor proud. But I can’t beat myself up — we had too many challenges at home, and COVID-19 limited everything.

Kurt finished our Corridor Management Plan this year, a document that tells state and federal byway authorities how we plan to protect and enhance the historic qualities of our historic byway. Here’s hoping that in 2021, Kurt and I can move forward with initiatives in support of that plan. I have a couple tasks on my to-do list already.

From time to time I’m asked for a photo of the road. Given that it’s 270 miles long, a photo of the whole road would need to be taken from space. I can’t quite manage that. I always send this, a photo I made just south of Greensburg on a May afternoon in 2008, the year I surveyed the road from end to end. This image does a good job of embodying the very Indiana-ness of the road.

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4 responses to “single frame: The Michigan Road in Decatur County, Indiana”

  1. Michael Avatar

    You can easily get it from a satellite photo, just wouldn’t be very practical. :P

    I think you need to retake that photo when those 2 fields are full of crops to truly get the Indiana-ness. ;)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve been back to this spot three times trying to recapture this and so far I’ve not topped this photo!

  2. Marc Beebe Avatar

    See, if we only had those flying cars we were promised back in the 1950s … :D

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

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