A Place to Start now available on Apple Books

My new book A Place to Start is now available on Apple Books!

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user and prefer to buy from Apple Books, now you’re set.

Click here to see my book on Apple Books.

You can still get it on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and Leanpub (e-book and PDF) of course!


4 responses to “A Place to Start now available on Apple Books”

  1. Doug Schooler Avatar
    Doug Schooler

    I received you book today and have read he first four chapters and I am enjoying it. I started collecting about 3 years ago after seeing a photograph taken by a Kodak TLR camera. I decided right then to shoot film again. I will still shoot digital but I like the nostalgic look of film, My Grandfather had a Rolleicord and a Rolleiflex TLR camera.
    and he and my Grandmother traveled to Europe and they also a took a South Pacific cruse so he took many slides of their travels. I have his Rolleiflex but the shutter will not fire. Thank you for doing your Blog!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Doug, I’m happy you are enjoying my book! I wish you excellent adventures in film.

  2. SilverFox Avatar

    Congratulations Jim! I hope it is the success you hope for :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you! This is an experiment: what happens if I do this? Just like my blog was when I launched it almost 14 years ago.

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